Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three more layouts

I managed to finish three layouts today, although one I have been working on for a few days, just couldn't get it right. Its still not fantastic to me, but I guess it will work! LOL

We found out today that my DH's sister's dog isn't doing well, he is getting really old, and can't hardly get up and keeps throwing up, so she wants us to come and get him and take him to be put down. So we will probably be headed that way after my DH gets done at the goat show at the fair this weekend. I guess its only fair because she had to drive me to the vet when we had to have our first baby boy put to sleep. I was so upset. So I won't get much Scrappin done this weekend, bummer cause I was looking forward to playing with blushbutters kits that I got the other day now that I have all the ones for Teri and Debbie done that I HAVE to do this month. Oh well I guess there is always next week! LOL

Ok the first layout is the one I have been having trouble getting it as good as I wanted. (Looking Back) Its my Great-Great Aunt in the early 1900's. Credit: Inspirations Collection: Vintage Lady (limited edition kit) by Teri Hanson/DigiZines at Divine Digital

The next two layouts are me, one at 2 yrs old and one at 3 yrs old. Credit: Cottage Garden by Deborah Vessel/Digital Designs at Divine Digital

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  1. comments form old blog:

    Kali (unverified): I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN OF THE WEBSITE!!!!! AWESOME COLORS!!!!!!!
    Aug 20, 2006, 04:21 PM (UTC -5)

    anonymous (unverified): Kathy right? That is so sad. Is it the one that has seizures or a different one? Well tell her I am really sorry. I know how bad she must feel. Love You Kali
    Aug 20, 2006, 04:20 PM


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