Monday, August 21, 2006

Lazy Day

Well we didn't get much done today. We both were trying to get rid of headaches so just kinda watched the MacGyver DVD's we borrowed from DH's sister. This morning, I managed to wash the bedding and make the bed again, but other than that, not much of major usefullness! LOL Oh well, guess I did enough Scrappin last week to last a little while, so I can maybe get something done tomorrow.....or the next day....or LOL ok better do something tomorrow!! Anyone want to come help me cut up apples for freezing for pie? Really need to do some of that every day, and didn't today!

I pulled out a dog toy that I had gotten awhile back and just not given out, cause they had some. The old ones were chewed up and the stuffing taken out of them so finally gave them the new one. Autumn had gone into the bedroom and I didn't know it so when I got done making the bed I closed the door like we usually do, so the dogs can't get in on the carpet except at night. She got locked in of course, so wasn't around when I gave Rascal the toy. So he claimed it at first and was playing with it, squeeking the squeeker, so Autumn heard it and started scratching at the door. I went and let her out and she goes into DH's office which is where Rascal was playing with the toy, and he starts barking at us like he is chewing us out for letting her out!! Then he growls at her and won't let her get very near him and the toy. Now you may not think this is noteworthy, or even funny, but if you knew them you might. Cause usually its Autumn who is the one who takes all the toys and growls and won't let anyone have something. AND she actually backed off and wouldn't fight for it! LOL It was so funny, course then you could really see the wheels start turning in her head!!

I swear she is like a little kid, instead of a dog!! First she went for another toy, one of the old ones and tried to make him jealous by playing with it, like she didn't care that he had one that had stuffing and a squeaker in it. Then when that didn't work she started working him, trying to get him to play with her, and finally got him out playing and she would go part way into the office (pretending she was still playing with him) till he ran to protect the toy, then she would run back out into the kitchen, like she wanted him to chase her and he would go out they would play, a little, (I could tell it was half hearted on her part) and finally got it so she could get into the office and over to the toy before he did. By that time, he had lost most of his intrest in the toy, so it really wasn't much of a win, but to her it was, cause she got it away from him! He just wanted to play by then. DH and I were entertained anyway!! LOL Guess you probably just had to be here (and possibly really love our babies) to find it funny, but it was fun to watch!

It really was the day, for locking the dogs in a room though! LOL We got up after watching a couple shows and went into the kitchen to get supper, and I had to get into the pantry to get something, and opened the door, and out come Rascal!! LOL He had been locked in there since just before we started watching TV, cause he went in when DH did for something. Poor baby!! But thats not the only time that has happened, so you would think he would learn to stay out of there!! LOL Oh well, our babies have managed to keep us entertained today! Got to love them!!

Hopefully, I manage to do one or two layouts this week, but we will see! My mind wasn't even wanting to try today! I should try to make a kit (or better yet finish one that I have started) but don't know that I am even into that! Oh well, got things I should do around the house anyway, so that will give me a break from the computer! So if you don't see a new post for a few days, you will know, I am busy doing other things! (Or just being lazy LOL) Got to go to bed now, though, so hope everyone has a great night! And a great week!!

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  1. comment from old blog:

    Kali (unverified): That is sooooo cute about Autumn and Rascal! Jasmine and Hollie do things like that too! They are so spoiled! But I have to say that I have never locked my dog in the bedroom or the pantry! Poor things! Got to go do my algebra homework . Love You

    Aug 23, 2006, 03:44 PM


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