Friday, March 23, 2007

A couple layouts from Blushbutters Country Kids Kit

This first layout is from the early 70's when I was 3. My Grandparents had, my parents raise some chickens for fryers, and then when they got big enough they came to help do them in. LOL I just LOVE the middle picture here of my brother, carrying one of the chickens. He is so cute, and looks so pleased with himself, like he is so happy to be a big boy, and help carry the chickens.

The 2nd layout has my DH leaning up against one of the trees Blushbutter made, and some of our doxie's out in the field, along with the ones Blushbutter made. I was trying for the effect that if DH could fulfill his dream, we would have lots and lots of Doxie's running around our farm, It didn't turn out as good as I was hoping, but hopefully I got the point across. LOL I needed different poses of some of our Doxie's, I think...Or something, I'm just not sure what. Anyway, even though it's not quite what I had thought about when I first started, its still kinda cute. Blushbutter's Doxie looks more like he's running around, like they would be if they were out in a pasture like that. Maybe thats why the pictures of OUR doxie's don't fit as well, because they are just sitting there. I did use the little metal doxie, and tried to make it look like it was attached to a tree as a sign...what do you think, does it look like a sign, or like a doxie flying? LOL

Kit Credit: Country Kids Kit by Blushbutter

Tomorrow I am going to try for a layout or two with goats and my brother and I as young kids...we will see what I come up with! LOL I hope you don't get to tired of seeing layouts with this kit! Cause I think, I have several more pictures I want to use with it!

Have a great weekend, and hopefully I will be back to share more layouts this weekend!! If not, guess maybe next week.


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    you web site is beautiful and I love what you are the animals I am a big animal lover..

  2. well Deb even if you didn't mean to send it through twice, it made me realise I hadn't commented yet :)
    I love your Doxie dreams one just as it is and the metal doxie looks like a sign to me :)
    your pages are so cute. I still have that doxie I'm meant to give you to, gosh I'm so forgetfull sometimes!


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