Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tired today.

I finally managed two layouts but they took forever. I just can't make decisions on things to well when I'm tired. We got a call about 12:30 last night, from DH's sister, who was on her way home, that an old family friend (she used to baby sit for DH) was in the hospital, and not expected to make it through the night, so we went in and sat with her and DH's brother, and sister, for several hours. She did make it through the night, but they don't expect it to be long now. They say her body is shutting down. Anyway, thats why I am so tired, because I came home, about 5, and went back to bed, but my darn internal alarm clock woke me up at 7:30, just before my sister-in-law called. I did actually take a short nap today (wonder of wonders! LOL) but it was only for about an hour.

So anyway, the first layout is from when I was growing up, its my parents and brother and I out with Dads goats. The 2nd layout is my DH having fun on his tractor! He does love his tractors, and farm equipment....pretty much anything to do with the farm, equipment, or animals!! LOL Hopefully tomorrow if I manage any layouts, they will be better. That gets affected when I'm tired too!

Kit Credit: Country Kids Kit by Blushbutter

I hope your having a good weekend!

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  1. dsampson0313@comcast.net2:46 PM

    ur lo's look great; tired or not!! they are outstanding!!! wonderful pages


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