Monday, March 26, 2007

The Mod Squad

I only got one layout done today, because I was busy finishing up some papers for a kit us mods are making at J3 Designs for a challenge prize.

This is a picture I took several days ago, and just love it. Its our youngest baby goat, touching noses with my favorite cat. I thought it was really cute!

Kit Credit: Warmest Regards by Misty Cato

Now about the title...the mods at Designs by J3,..Jamie, Lynn, and I just finished our first mini kit together, that will be a prize for a challenge in April. I will post a picture of it, and a link to the challenge when it starts! We got together today with Shawn to think of a name...and for once I actually came up with a good name, I couldn't believe it! LOL Well at least one they all liked, so we (three of us mods) are designing under the name "The Mod Squad" for challenges at Designs by J3. I did some of the elements for April's kit, and also just finished the papers today for the May kit. Whoever does the papers, chooses the colors, and theme, then does them, and passes them on to the next one who does some elements, and then it gets passed on to the last one, to finish. Jamie has the last say so on whats for sure included, just to make sure it all matches (she is the best at deciding that!). Its kinda fun designing with others....and is a challenge to make something everyone can be happy with, and that goes with what others make. I think I will still prefer doing my own thing, when I want to, but this will maybe keep me making something every month...hopefully anyway! LOL And it will get me to using colors I may not choose otherwise.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you the latest scrapbooking news I know. Be on the look out for The Mod Squad's first kit! LOL Have a great week!!!

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