Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mom and Dad

This first layout is my parents in 1979. I had lots of fun working on this layout, and love how it turned out! The 2nd layout is a flower we had in our garden last summer. I love how I managed to catch the bee on it. It took me forever to find a quote to go on it though! LOL Nothing seemed perfect, although I finally found this one, and can live with it.

Kit Credit: Eventide by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear.

I just got a call from my brother, and he said my parents were in an accident, and he said, they said they were ok. He didn't know a lot about what happen, other than the fact they were on their way to the city, and a guy hit them just behind my Dad's door. They can still drive the truck, and went on down to the city. Last we all knew they had a couple more stops to make, and then would be heading home...so should get there before dark, if all goes well. I am praying that they do, and that they are truly ok. Any added prayers for them would be greatly appreciated. I will call them later, and talk to them myself, to hopefully put my mind at ease.


  1. Great layouts. Hope your parents get home safely - they are in my prayers. Isn't it odd how the tables can turn, and how we start to worry about them, and how they will always probably worry about us!

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Love the layout of your folks! Hope they are home safe.


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