Thursday, March 08, 2007

Frame Challenge at J3 Designs

I worked on some frames today for J3 Designs Frame Challenge. If you would like them, you will have to join in the fun at J3 Designs! Click here to go see what to do. I'm not sure if you have to be signed into the forum or not. While you are there, vote for your favorite tag from last month!! These frames will ONLY be available for those who participate in the challenge! I am working on some more cluster frames of different shapes, to post here on my blog again. I just need time to finish them.

Hopefully I can get a layout or two done later today, and posted in this entry but we will see. This weekend is going to be pretty full of other things, so I doubt I will have time to scrap. Hopefully soon I can get some time on the weekend too! LOL I usually play more then, but with being busy on the weekend, tend to do that during the week more than I should. I need to do more layouts!!!

Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading them. Also thank you Marietta for sharing the link to your layout with my Baily kit!!! I love to see what you all do with what I make. I will probably put the link to the Baily Kit out sometime later in the month...or next month at the latest. I won't advertise it though, so you will have to watch for it! I will say in my current post when I do though!

I got a couple layouts done!! I used photo's I took last year of some flowers in a garden we passed when we were on a trip last year. This place seems to always have so many beautiful flowers, every year, all season. I finally took the time last year to stop and take some pictures.

Kit Credit: J3 Designs Country Garden at Designs by J3

I hope your week is going well!!

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