Friday, March 09, 2007

A couple more layouts.

I managed a couple of layouts this morning!!! This way I can get some things done this afternoon, so we are ready to leave in the morning for GI. Going to be gone part of the weekend again, helping my sister-in-law pack, and bringing her bed and a dresser down here. Not sure how many more weekends we will be back and forth.

The first layout is my DH's favorite baby goat from last year. She isn't a baby any more, but she is really spoiled! She gets him to feed her off by herself sometimes, and gets extra attention usually. He does love his goats! LOL The 2nd layout is my niece. Her and DH banter back and forth about what brand of tractor is best, she of course loves the green one, where as DH (and I agree) thinks that Ford and International are better. But he still bought her, a pink John Deere hat when we were over there at my Grandmothers funeral. She is wearing it in this picture.

Kit Credit: J3 Designs On the Farm at Designs by J3

Oh I did decide that I would probably put the Bailey kit link back up, next week when we hear the sale of our house actually goes through! LOL I will want to celebrate with something I'm sure, and don't know if I would have time to make anything new to put up. So watch for it, and celebrate with me!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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