Thursday, March 29, 2007

Template Challenge

I managed to actually do the template challenge for Tina Williams Chat this week!!! LOL This is my Great Aunt and Uncle. (Grandpa's brother) I don't remember Uncle Keith as he died when I was young, but have always loved Aunt Peggy, she is always fun to go see. From what I can figure, two of these photo's were probably taken in Minnesota around their cabin. Several family members (including my grandparents) had a cabin on the south side of Battle Lake. I sure miss going up there in the summers. Some of my favorite vacations were spent there, when I was growing up.

Kit Credit: Echoes of Yesteryear by Tina Williams - Template by Tina Williams too.

I hope to have time to work on the qp for the qp swap in Lara Payton's yahoo group today too, but we will see (if you see a preview here you will know I managed it!!). I have a few things I need to get done, before I work on it (or them if I do more than one). I don't know if I will manage anything tomorrow, as the funeral is tomorrow, so if I don't get any done today, hopefully I will sometime next week! LOL Before we know it, time will be up, and I will have missed out on the challenge.

Yeah I did it!!! LOL QP's kit credit: Romantic Memories by Lara Payton. Join her challenge on her yahoo group, and recieve all the pages, that everyone makes!!! They are 8X8 so they can still be printed on a home printer, on standard paper!!!

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