Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Challenge at Designs by J3

The new "element challenge" has started at Designs by J3. You have to use certain elements in a layout, and post it in their gallery, and a link to it in the forum. If you do you will receive the mini kit made by The Mod Squad! (shown here) So come join us here!!!

I've been busy working on a new kit to share....not sure when I will get it done, or just decide to stop trying to figure out what to put in it! LOL But hopefully in the next couple weeks anyway. I think these designers that come up with new things to include in a kit all the time are so talented, because I have trouble thinking of much to include, and usually what there is, is the same thing I used in the last one. Oh well, its still fun making things, I'm sorry I just can't be more original in the elements. I do need to learn to make different papers too! LOL But I actually enjoy making the papers the most...even though they aren't as "different" as they could be. If any of you have things you like to see it kits let me know! Maybe that will give me some ideas!!

Well I better get off here for now...think most of today (when I can be on the computer) I will work on my kit, and get back to scrapping this next week. Tomorrow I get my new DVD burner since the old one died, and my computer is still under warranty!!! So I will have to do some backing up too!!! LOL Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!

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