Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Its cold again.

Its below freezing again....what happen to Spring! The grass has really greened up the last week or so, and the trees even started turning green, then we get up this morning, and its below freezing! LOL Silly me, I was hoping that it wouldn't get THAT cold again for a change...till fall anyway.

This mini kit is for the mini kit exchange at Designs by J3. If you join in the challenge, and make a mini kit (it doesn't have to be even this big....if you are new at creating, just make a couple elements or an element and a paper, and that will qualify you) then you will receive this one, and all the others that are done for the challenge. Go here to find out more!! Hope to see some more participants!

I haven't gotten any layouts that I will share done lately. I actually only worked on one for a friend who just lost her baby. I am so saddened about my friend loosing her baby, and she is in our prayers.

Its time to stop playing at making things and get back to scrapping!! Although I will have to be working on the next kit from The Mod Squad soon. Well and my May kit for Mothers day. If I'm lucky I can get a couple done today, but I won't hold my breath! As usual if I do, they will appear in this post later!

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting, if you like qp's you can go here to find out where to get one that uses one of my cluster frames!!! A lady made a layout using my cluster frames, and a kit from Arts Variety and then let Arts Variety offer it on their site. They asked my permission first, and I thank them for that!!!

I got two layouts done!! LOL Finally! The first one is my parents, and my brother and I (I was only two) at the KC Zoo...and the 2nd one is my niece at the KC Zoo...She was two at the time too, as it turns out. Just 20 years later! :)

Kit Credit: J3 Designs Zoo time at Designs by J3

Have a good week!

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