Thursday, April 05, 2007

The cold spell continues

Well again, its not to warm today, so I decided to do a spring layouts. LOL I love spring, watching the beautiful GREEN come back. Listening to the frogs in the creek (LOL I know, I mention them a lot!) and watching the spring baby goats romp around the pasture. The Promise of Spring to me, is how life always goes on...starts anew, and can be beautiful again. It just takes time. Course I love Autumn too, with the cool crisp air, and beautiful leaves....I just can't decide which I like better! LOL

Kit Credit: Signs of Spring by Doxie Designs (eta sometime next week hopefully! LOL) Also I used a book for the journaling and pictures from A buncha books by Lara Payton and her Embossed date stamps. I think both of them are REALLY cool!!!

Well I found out yesterday, that I will probably have to restore my computer AGAIN! I was so mad, because its not my fault, when the guy came out to put in my new dvd burner, it still didn't work, so he has to come back with a cable, but he put the burner in my bottom slot where my dvd player was, so hopefully I could at least start backing up some of my kits onto dvd. Hmmm well I tried to do that yesterday, and found it wasn't working still. I can use it to get data off of dvd's and cd's but can't burn them. They are saying its a software issue, and if its still doing it after the guy comes and puts the cable in, I will have to restore. Well ummmm how do you back up things to dvd, BEFORE you restore so you don't loose them????? Thankfully I do have a little external hard drive, so I am in the process of putting things on it, and taking it over to my sister-in-law's computer (because she has a dvd burner on it old one is just a cd burner) and burning them that way. I need to get a bigger external hard drive, but for now, can't afford it. Thankfully I have burned alot of the kits onto dvd already, but I do have several gig that isn't. (almost 20 gig, I couldn't believe it had gotten up to that many, since I last did it!! I guess I am just a digi supply PIG!! LOL) Best buy has a back up service, but of course that costs, even though this problem of me not being able to back up to dvd, is a hardware issue, getting a back up is still MY problem! Here and I really liked best buy, and hadn't had any trouble with them till now. I guess maybe I will have to look around and see what other stores offer. Although I suppose their customer service could suck too. I totally understand why they can't warranty a software issue....but when the software issue is BECAUSE of a hardware problem, I really think they should.

So needless to say there is going to be several days this month (or next) that I will be redoing my computer AGAIN and hoping that actually works! If I do that, and it doesn't.....well all I can say is Best Buy ISN'T going to want to answer their phone when I call, if they thought I was mad yesterday.....LOL!!

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  1. I have installed DVD burners in my computers at least 3x.It takes all of 15 min or less! If you have windows xp and an internet connection you can install the latest drivers from the internet.If an idiot like me can do this with never a problem, i think they are clueless!!If the burner isn't burning its probably defective,I'd make them replace it before restoring!
    I really like your spring LO and your ramblings on the subject. Here in the desert we miss the beauty of the changing seasons. Summer,winter,spring,fall....all the same! I really enjoy your blog!


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