Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Good Day

I have been trying to get this layout done for several weeks now, but kept putting it away, cause it just wasn't coming together for idea why. I finally pulled it back out yesterday, and did this too it, then today while we were traveling to Omaha, came up with this title for it, so I finished it when we got home. This is the last of my ice storm photo's, from Dec.

Kit Credit: Snowflake kit and Cream Digital Round frames by Blushbutter

We had a good day today, it's the first time in months, that I've had a good day....when I had to do our monthly shopping! LOL Ok, well that may not be totally true, but let me put it this way, that I ended up THINKING it was a good day, because I didn't go OVER my budget. We actually got more than was on my list...didn't HAVE to mark things off, and shopped at some stores we don't go to every month, and STILL didn't go over the budget! I'm so happy about that!! One of the "extra" things we got, was some paint for the porch floor, so hopefully in the summer, the "smell" won't come back, AND it will look better!!! Course it has to warm up some to paint it, while it doesn't get below freezing out there as far as I know, it still isn't warm enough for paint. We almost didn't get it this month, because we knew we couldn't paint for another month or two, but it was on sale so figured we better since we could save 10 bucks.

I entertained my DH quite well today. I had tears rolling down my face even, when I said something that came out wrong. (REALLY WRONG!!) *giggle* DH won't let me forget that one for a while I know. Then a little later something else came up, and I actually snorted. That's not something I do all that often, except for a few months ago when I did, laughing at something that happened, it had been several years. DH always laughs at me, when I do, because back before we got married, when Mom, Dad, Uncle Orison, and I came up to meet DH's family for the first time, at a family reunion, DH and I were sitting outside one evening on lounge chairs, talking and laughing, and at one point he said, "better be careful, or you'll snort" I told him I don't snort (because I don't usually) and then....yep you guessed it....promptly snorted! I haven't lived that down to this day, and that was 17 years ago, at the end of May! So naturally if I do happen to be laughing so hard, that I do snort....we remember that time before we got married, and laugh all the more.

This all happened on the way to Omaha, so we were really glad I wasn't driving, or we might not have made it....I was laughing so hard, I was having trouble catching my breath for a little while, and DH was laughing at me, and saying "breath....breath". Oh the fun we can have at times...I've always gotten into laughing fits, from the time I was little. I haven't had as many of them lately it seems (except that one 2 or 3 months ago, where I snorted for the first time in SEVERAL years), but today sure made up for it. Needless to say, he teased me about my unfortunate remark, all day long.

The only "bad" thing is, we still have to go back to Omaha to the VA again...and probably at least two more times. I'll sure be glad when these trips are over. Least these that are all bunched together. I don't mind going up there now and then, but it gets expensive traveling up there several times in one month. Thankfully our not going over budget for Feb with our monthly shopping, means we still have a little breathing room. Yippee!! *giggle*

Strangely enough, we met ANOTHER cousin when we were shopping today! If you remember last week, I said we met an Aunt and cousin of DH's when we were eating...and that the chances of meeting family or even anyone we know, in the city was slim, even though DH has several family members who live around that area. Well we had discussed it on the way, and wondered who we would meet this trip...although we were joking, and didn't really expect to, so we were quite surprised, when we actually did. Twice in the same month, and all the other trips we have made to Omaha over the years, we didn't meet anyone! STRANGE!!! LOL

On another note, I got a call the other day, saying my DVD writer was in, and she was e-mailing the tech who was suppose to come put it in, and tell him to set up an appointment, but I haven't heard from him yet, so may have to call and find out what's going on. I don't mind if he can't make it for a few days, but at least setting up the appointment would be nice, so I know when to expect it, especially with all the other appointments we have coming up. Hopefully I can get it soon, and start doing those DVD backups I wanted to have done!! I have everything on my computer AND my external, but I guess I'm paranoid, and want it on DVD too....and the past few months worth of photo's, layouts, and kits aren't on dvd yet. I hear about people loosing things all the time, and I don't want that to be me, so I guess being paranoid is ok! LOL

Well DH just came in here, saw me typing away, and asked how I can think of "that much stuff to say everyday" so I suppose I should stop....I have rambled quite a bit! *giggle* My fingers just run away from me a lot of the time. Besides, I really need to post my layout around, and then go answer the e-mails that came in today. I haven't managed that yet, since we were gone ALL day!

Have a great night/day!! I'll be back tomorrow, with the new layout challenge at Blush ~n~ Dusty, and my layout for it!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!!


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    You gotta love a good laugh... Even when it's followed by a snort! *lol*

    The layout is awesome! Great job!


  2. Scrounger8:53 PM

    I feel like an "idiot", but I just HAD to comment......


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