Friday, February 01, 2008

Layout Challenge for Feb. on Blush ~n~ Dusty's Yahoo Group.

Its that time again, already the 1st of another month, so time to share about the next Layout Challenge on the Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo group!! This month I want to see some layouts of something or someone that you love!! It can be your DH of course, or your kids, grandkids, other family, friends, pets...or maybe you want to show an heirloom you have had passed down to you, or something your sweetie bought you that you just love. Another idea could be something you love to do, such as a hobby, sport, or other special activity you get lots of enjoyment out of.

I chose to do a layout with my DH in it. (yeah, I know, your not surprised! *giggle*) I adore him, and just LOVE when he grins, so found a photo from just after we were married, and used the one I caught of him laughing last year, I wanted more than one time frame pictured, because I've never stopped loving him. I also made it a horizontal layout, because they work wonderfully on my computer desktop, and I wanted to use it for my desktop for a while, I love looking at large photo's of DH, when he isn't right here with me! LOL The background colors look great on my desktop too.

Kit Credit: Feb Layout Challenge kit and freebie rose by Blushbutter

Feel free to join us in the challenge, you must be a member of the Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo group to join, and to get the download link, for the free challenge kit. There is more info in the groups messages, and I will send reminders, or answer questions through the group, if you have any! Maybe YOU will be the next winner of a $5.00 coupon to use in Blushbutter AND Dusty Bear's stores (thats $5.00 for EACH store)!!

Well no rambling today, I'm behind, with being gone yesterday, and then this morning I had to run up and help our neighbor with his computer, so I have to get off the computer and get some things done!! That will make the back up I'm trying to do run faster anyway, so guess that's good. LOL I hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe, and enjoy it!! Thanks for your lovely comments!

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  1. Deb this is a beautiful page. I can see why you chose the pictures. Wonderful job on your word art snd extractions. :)


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