Monday, February 04, 2008

Another page of my niece

I worked on another page for my Niece's book today, its going to be the facing page to the last one I did, which is why I used the same background. Isn't she just a doll! *giggle* I have to say I enjoy working with her photo's, even if I have before. I'm hoping to get some actual stories in this book, if I can remember them when I'm doing the layout, so will have journaling on alot of the pages, hopefully.

Kit Credit: Gentle by Blushbutter


You have so many people who
have adored you since you were
born. The photo's on the opposite
page are just a few of them.

The photo on this page, is you at the
zoo, leaning against an elephant
statute. You had a love of elephants
when you were little, it all started
with the story of Dumbo, and went
on for several years. It got to
where I would see a figurine or
stuffed animal or something, of an
elephant, and immediately think of
you. I thought it was cute when you
would call every elephant "Dumbo!!"

We have a busy week planed here, so don't know how much scrapping I will get done, hopefully I will get a few more pages, but we will see. This morning, we had a couple of our wonderful neighbors come help move a little shed that another neighbor gave DH. More about the move (and photo's) on DH's blog, if your interested. I just love how some of our neighbors are willing to help out if needed, we are blessed! Oh and Kali, you will love the tractor in the photo's, since its green!!! *giggle* Our tractor's weren't large enough to move the shed, and neither were the tractor's of the neighbor who usually helps DH, so had to ask yet another of our neighbors, who had a BIG tractor.

Can you believe that those photo's of moving the shed, are the first ones I've taken this year? I didn't take any last month! Thats just unheard of! LOL I'm going to have to try to make sure I take some every month, least one! :) I think its possible my DH took some, so I'll have to steal some of them, to scrap, if I get around to it. That way at least there won't be a month without any layout!

Anyway, I better get going, have some things to do and I'm going to run out of day to do them in. I hope you all had a great weekend (we did!!) and will have a wonderful week! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, here and through e-mails!

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  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I like how you layered the notebook paper on the layout... I'll have to remember that! ;) ... It's a wonderful layout Deb!



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