Friday, February 08, 2008

New Furniture!!!!

We ordered a new couch and recliner a few weeks ago, and they finally got delivered this morning!!! Bright and early even, we had them by 7:30, which was amazing, course we were their first stop, but still. DH loves his new chair, AND the new couch, first of all cause its not pink, like our last one was (we got it at an auction, so didn't have a choice) and because the new one is more comfortable for taking his nap on. This is our very FIRST new couch and recliner, everything else we have had was used. Course we got them in the clearance part of the store, so they were cheaper, but that's ok, they are still new. Hopefully they will last for many years, so we don't have to replace them to soon. I had been planning on getting DH a new chair for several months, but figured we would make do with the couch for a while longer, but silly me, I found this one, and just had to get it, since we had enough in savings for it, cause it was so comfy, and DH takes naps on the couch quite often, and I like him to be comfy.

So anyway, I had to scrap a quick and simple page, so I could show you all our new furniture. Our Doxie's were enjoying the new comfort too! And the best part about it is, we had it delivered, so they did the carrying, and we didn't have to, we just watched, and then sat down and enjoyed! LOL We naturally had to pay a little extra for the delivery, but we talked them down on the price of the couch and chair enough, to more than cover the delivery cost.

Kit Credit for 1st layout: Stories of Yesteryear by Doxie Designs

The next two layouts are some of the photo's I took, of the shed getting moved the other day. Kit Credit: Autumn Beauty by Designs by Krista

As you can see, I am in that ultra simple phase of layouts again! *giggle* Or something like that, cause I didn't use all that much on any of them. I started the last two yesterday, but didn't get them finished, with doing other things too, so finished them real quick this morning.

We had to take a trip west this week, during the snowstorm we had, that didn't give us as much snow as they were thinking it would, but still enough to make the roads bad. I'm not real fond of driving long distance at 45 miles an hour (less at times)...but its better to do that, then end up in the ditch. Thankfully when we were ready to head home, the roads were clear again!!! I get really nervous traveling in bad weather, so ended up with a stress headache on the trip out. Something I had a lot of, there for a while, although thankfully not for the past few weeks. It's been so nice to not have them, even though I didn't really realize that I hadn't till I got one again (I guess I have been to happy, and busy to think about the fact that I hadn't had one! LOL). I Praise God for getting us home safely!!

I had to go help the neighbor this morning with his printer again. And I've managed to sweep most of the hard floors....and get these layouts done, so now after lunch, I can get some other things done. If I can keep on this roll I'm on, maybe I'll get quite a bit done today, we will see. I love it when I can get several things done each day, and still play on the computer too! :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and that the weather doesn't turn really bad for you!! Especially if it would be tornado's like went through several states this week. Take Care and thanks so much for the comments you leave me....or e-mail me!!


  1. Except that I haven't been able to try out the couch much - SOMEBODY else is always on it....! Usually TWO somebodies....

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    You can tell Galen that he can fix that. The dogs will love getting back up and laying down with him.
    The couch and chair look really nice.

  3. Cute LO Deb, your Doxies look nice and comfortable. Your new furniture look perfect for an afternoon nap. :) I like your pages of the Shed move in progress. What a neat idea to change the tone and use it as part of the background. Wonderful pictures and journaling too! :)


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