Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Play Time

I did another page for my niece's shutterfly book today. This page will go opposite the last one I did. This one shows some photo's I took of her, earlier that year, on a visit to her house. I had bought her a toy cell phone, and she took it outside to play with it, when we went. The photo that is behind the one of her leaning over the slide, is her on the same slide, only standing up, pretending to talk on it. I just HAD to use these photo's in her book, because now just a short 12 years later, she has a real cell, and is almost surgically attached to it....ok not really, but she uses it WAY to much! *giggle* (and has had one for several years)

Kit Credit: Easter Basket by Blushbutter

Well we milked our goats for the first time today. I really thought we would wait a little longer, giving them more time to settle in, and more time of letting us handle them. But I think DH was really wanting some cereal! LOL Cereal isn't something we have all that often, but once in a blue moon we each get some, we hadn't had any yet this year, and I guess he couldn't wait for another 2-3 weeks, so said it was time to milk the goats. The kids are old enough to be separated, but I can't say I wanted to start yet! We still have to order our "milker" as it will be much easier to use one of those, I think, and will also save my hands from repetitive motion, which starts them hurting. I was going to do the milker, this next month, so figured if we waited another 2-3 weeks, we would have a better chance of having it....guess I will have to try to help DH learn how to milk a goat with really short nipples, if my hands and wrists start bothering me before we get it. With this being their first time kidding, they don't have a big bag yet.

However DH seemed to like this milk well enough when he drank a little to taste it, seemed to think it was as good as the last he drank...I'm not so sure it was THAT good(as that milk was REALLY good), but it wasn't bad, like the last goat we had, that I tried to milk. Now I have to go figure out what kind of cheese to try first! LOL Cause we got just slightly less than a quart from the two we should be able to start having extra in a few days, not sure how much you need for a batch of cheese, but hopefully we can make some, sometime in the next month, if we can get the other ingredients for it.

Well I need to go see if the dough I made earlier for pizza, is ready to be rolled out! I made the sauce yesterday, so will finish making the pizza's today and stick them in the freezer, for a nice weekend treat. Oh and sure Hummie (or any of you), feel free to come on over, just let me know when and how many to expect, so I take enough out of the freezer (or make more if we don't have enough)! *giggle*

Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them!!

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  1. I love the photo effect you have there! It's awesome! I can't stop looking at how you have those two photos together like that. Too awesome!



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