Saturday, April 19, 2008

LOTS of layouts.

I'm trying to get caught up, on this years here are some more layouts with photo's taken this year. I have to admit, I didn't spend as much time being picky, and rearranging things because I wanted to get more done. As you can see, I was on a roll yesterday...cause that's when all these were done, along with the ones in yesterday's post.

This first one is our doxie's snuffling one of the new baby goats. They love to sniff them all over, and just won't leave them alone, till they go back outside. The next layout is DH drying the ears of a new baby, so the ears don't freeze.

Kit Credit for the 1st two: Denim Delight by Jean Daugherty Designs

Then we have our cat, that likes to come inside. She seems to be camera shy, least when she is playing with a toy we bought her, cause I snuck one picture in, but its not real good...then she would stop and sit there all pretty, when I tried to get close enough to get a good photo. Its like she was trying to pretend she wasn't doing the silly thing, of playing with the fake mouse! LOL I did this to go beside a layout I did a while back, so that's why you don't see one that looks like it "matches" here.

Kit Credit: Stories of Yesteryear by Doxie Designs

I got a letter in the mail yesterday, telling about a family reunion this summer. Last time we went they said it would be every 5 years....that COULDN'T have been 5 years ago already, could it? LOL I know it probably has been, it just doesn't seem possible, and makes me wonder where the time has gone. I am hoping to go, but we will see how things are going, by then, it COULD be just a day trip, although it would be a long day, but we will see how much Gas is...if the ford dealer has gotten me a car, that gets good gas mileage...and if I can talk DH into going too. *giggle* I certainly don't want to drive in the BIG city, myself, if I don't have to, since living on the farm, I've gotten used to less traffic. (I know, there is ALWAYS an excuse for me not to drive! *giggle*) It should be fun, if we get to go.

Ok, back to some more layouts.

This layout called Spring Mud, shows our rock pile we had dumped in front of our barn. Thankfully DH and our neighbor was able to get it spread out. I really hate mud, so its sure been nice having a lot of it covered by rock, even if it didn't go as far as would have been nice. This layout was done to go beside one I did a while back too.

Kit Credit: Frou-frou frames & Flora Fun by Lara Payton

These last two layouts, I used a couple qp's that I picked up on a blog, and just put a background behind it, that was from the same kit, that the qp's were made from. I thought they would look ok with the pictures, and since all these were done yesterday, along with the two in yesterday's post, I had about had it with scrappin, but wanted to get a couple more done! LOL 8 layouts in one day, is the most I've ever done, even if they were ones that I didn't take as much care with. However I only have a few more layouts to be done with what I've taken so far this year, so that makes me feel much better. LOL Then I can try to get back to doing some from the last two years...once I get organized, so I know what photo's I have left to scrap.

Anyway, these last two layouts are of our chickens...the first one shows the ones we bought this year, and the last one shows a couple hens sitting on eggs. Nothing spectacular, however they will be ok to tell "our story" for this year.

Kit Credit for the last two layouts: Sundance by Designs by Krista It was a freebie on her blog, when I got it, which is why the link goes to her blog...I think it may still be available, but you better hurry, as she doesn't leave her links active for long.

Yesterday afternoon, DH worked on a way to make it so I didn't have to give the goats just a little bit of food at a time, in order to slow them down eating it...and make it stretch out over most of the milking time. This morning was the first test, and it did work much better. We put half the food in at a time, and on the first goat, she is a slower eater, and easier to milk, so I was done, before she finished the first half of her food. The 2nd goat being a little harder to milk, and a much faster eater, finished all of hers, before I was quite done, but it was still better than stopping every little bit to give them more feed. He still has to perfect the new "invention" but least it will help with the milking.

Other than that and the family reunion news, that's about it for this if 6 layouts in a post isn't more than enough. This weekend, I'm going to try to work on organizing the last two years pictures and layouts, so I can know what I still have left to scrap, since I'm almost caught up with 2008 photo's. That way once I have a couple layouts each week for Kali's book, if I want to, I can do more for mine. Plus its stopped raining, and suppose to be warm, so I'll want to go outside some too. I hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoy the warm weather, if your lucky enough to have some!


  1. The new chicks are REALLY growing like weeds! I will need to get a run built for them soon. On "Getting Broody", the hen on the left now has 6 chicks under her and 3 eggs that haven't hatched yet (last time I looked).
    Nice work!

  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    These will be really nice to have in your album. Putting your pictures in a LO sure adds a nice look to them.


  3. I'm so behind on scrapbooking, that I worry that I will NEVER get caught up. *sigh*

    Those are some great layouts! My favorite is the one with the kitty. :)

  4. Love the denim with the photos tucked in the pockets! More wonderful pages completed for your album. :)


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