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The Call of the frogs

This was taken on our way home from my cousin's funeral last year. I loved the look of the sun, over the water. It was a very peaceful looking place. We had actually stopped to take a picture of the pink that was showing up, in the sky to the south, but this was actually my favorite picture, even though there wasn't any color in the sky. The other pictures didn't turn out as good as they should have, because the camera setting had gotten switched and I didn't catch it. But I was still happy enough with this one, I had to scrap it.

This is some of the family that was at the funeral, the cousin's daughter, and some grand kids. We had a good time, seeing family, even though it was a sad occasion. Jr (as I always knew him as) lived a good long life, and was loved by many.

Kit Credit: Sweet Surrender by Lauren Bavin

This is our nephew, his girlfriend, daughter, and girlfriends daughter (I'd say step daughter if they were married, but not sure how to say that since they aren't. LOL) They make a nice little family.

Kit Credit: Box of Quilling, Easter Basket kit, Baby Girl Heartstrings Kit & Cardboard Frames All by Blushbutter. The wordart was a freebie at DSP by Kerri Erickson

This is our house, as seen from the direction of the barn. The trees we planted out front a couple years ago, haven't grown all that much...hopefully they take off one of these days, and start looking like they will someday be big! LOL I love this old house, I never thought I would want a one story house, with some of the rooms being a little on the small side, but I fell in love with this one, the first time I saw it, and feel blessed to have been able to be the ones to move it to our farm, instead of someone else moving it to theirs.

This is the Barn, and DH doing a little dirt work, around it, with his tractor. The chickens were enjoying him digging in the dirt and uncovering bugs for them too. Its a wonder they didn't get ran over, they sure seemed to be in the way a lot.

Kit Credit for these two layouts: Summer Dreams by Blushbutter This is one of those $2.00 kits too, so better go get it!! Least it is for this month, not sure after that. The ink bottle in Our House is from Easter Basket kit by Blushbutter

This layout was going great, till I got done with the papers, and pictures, then I had to try to figure out what elements to use, and where to put them, and I stalled out. LOL So I didn't put much on this one either, I don't know if I looked at it to long, putting all the pictures and stitches on there, so I got used to having less on it, or what, but I finally gave up, and this is the way it will be I guess. I like it, it just seems a little bare. Oh well, anyway, this is my niece's school pictures from kindergarten to 11th grade. I'll do a page with her Sr pic's for beside it, once she gets them taken, and to me...later this year.

Kit Credits: Craft Scrapbooking Kit, Baby Girl Heart Strings Kit and Snow flakes kit ALL by Blushbutter. The Arrow I did myself.

National Scrapbooking Day (NSD):

I hope everyone will have a great time celebrating NSD!! I didn't do anything here in my store, as I'm so small, I can't compete, and ummm I've been so busy working on layouts that I didn't try to think of what to do. Sorry!! There are lots of sales going on though, and I've managed to get in and buy a few things myself...I was planning on getting a few kits this month for my Birthday, so I just went shopping a little early. So Happy Birthday to me!! *giggle* Gosh, I had way to much fun, and got some beautiful kits, to many, as I hadn't planned on spending so much, (3 or 4 kits was what I was going to stick to) but just couldn't stop myself, I think I ended up buying 7 kits...if you count the two from Vicky as two, they are more like one BIG one, as they match. LOL. I had trouble deciding which of Manu's kits to buy, and which to wait for later for.

I bought Vicky Morrissy's Beautiful Blossoms Roses 1 & 2, its just beautiful!! I've been wanting it, but with not doing much with my heritage photo's, and figuring that's what I'm use it for the most, I put it off, but a couple weeks ago, I promised myself I'd get it for my birthday, even if I don't get to use it right away. LOL Course when I saw it on sale, I had to get it early, so I could save a little bit of money...and then end up spending it at Manu's store over at SBG. *giggle* Also I tried out a new designer, I saw her stuff a couple weeks ago, and while I know she isn't NEW she is to me. LOL I bought one of GiselaB Designs kits plus picked up her new cluster frame freebie while I was there. Needless to say, I'm broke now, but have more kits to finish my 2007 photo's with, and then some. LOL Speaking of freebie's, I got the add on to one of Manu's kits on her blog too, and she has a 2nd one, that hopefully she will tell us where is, once she knows. Also speaking of Sales, Blushbutter is having one too, so its a perfect time to go grab some of her kits, if you have been wanting them. You KNOW you want to! :)

Now whats going on with the weather?

DH sent me a link to a news report this morning, about some bad storm damage close to where we used to live in Indep. Mo. I still have some family down there, so hopefully they are all ok. I'm wondering if the house had any damage or not, it was Grandma and Grandpa's house for 60 years, so while we did buy it from them and live there for a few years, it's always Grandma's house to me. I saw on a video that just a few blocks away, a restaurant was totally destroyed...really hope we get to go to that family reunion, so we can drive by "Grandma's" house, and see if its still there.

In other strange weather news, Western Nebraska got more snow! I can't believe it, its just not suppose to snow, least not around here, in May!! Granted that's west of here a ways but still. Sure hope it doesn't come here, I know DH talks about there being snow on his oldest brothers birthday, which is in May, but I personally don't remember ever having snow in May, and would like to keep it that way! *giggle* Thankfully we didn't move west, when we were thinking of looking for a place in the country!

Its been beautiful here the last several days. We did get some rain in the night and today, but don't think it was lots. Its not been sunny much today, but after the last several days I don't mind as much, and after the news from around the Midwest, I really don't mind, because at least we didn't have snow, or high winds!

Moments like this (below) is one reason I LOVE the country.

Last night, I was sitting here at my computer, working on a couple of these pages, listening to the frogs sing outside my open window. It was just starting to get dark, and the longing to go outside and listen to them because strong, almost as if they were calling me. Now usually it takes a bit, to get me away from my computer, when I'm actually getting a bunch done, but I finally gave in, and went and sat on the patio for little while. It wasn't to dark out, so I could still see things, not just the outlines, but actually see them. But because it was getting dark, the sky was more of a gray blue, than a blue, with thin wispy white clouds in it, along with a few of the brightest stars twinkling already. I sat there listening to the frogs serenade me and smelling that cool night smell that was wafting towards me, on the slight breeze. I swore I could smell the hay field, even though there wasn't any hay down in it. It was pure heaven, and even Rascal sat and enjoyed it with me for a little while. Just before we came in, the coyotes started yipping in the distance, to add to the magic of the country evening. The coyotes are another sound from my childhood, that, while not as endearing as the frogs, it takes me back to my growing up years, and the happy memories I am so lucky to have.

Have a great weekend everyone, don't spend TOOOO much at the sales, and thanks for your wonderful comments.

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  1. I love the school pictures layout. (I saw that one at Gotta Pixel :D) ... It's fun to see her grow up in one layout. She's going to love that book!!!


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