Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo Group Layout Challenge for May.

Its that time again, time for the new challenge to start on the blush~n~dusty yahoo group. This time I want to see your pets!! If you don't have one now, show me one you used to have...or your neighbors pet, or even just the "pet" that walks down your street. If all else fails, tell me WHY you don't like pets, if you can't do one of yours or someone else's pet. It can be dogs, cats, horses, goats, or even fish, whatever you love to love!! I would love to see a picture!! Course if it happens to be a snake, be warned, I may run screaming in the opposite direction!!

Here is my layout for the challenge this month. I thought I would do these photo's, my DH took of the cat sitting on the dog's food bucket, when she got caught stealing their food. LOL They were barking their silly heads off, trying to get her off it too. I had to laugh when I saw the photo's, cause it was rather funny that she was curled up on the bucket.

Kit Credit: Romantic Memories and Pet pretties by Lara Payton The paw prints, were picture tubes that came with my psp program.

This next layout shows our barn, in the process of being built, and DH and his sister on the roof of it. The last layout is our neighbors, driving their little red tractor at the parade in town...and another kinda neat looking tractor that was in the parade.

Summer Dreams by Lara Payton. This kit is a $2.00 kit and is part of a mega kit, that several designers put together. You can find out more about the mega kit, and get links to the other parts (that are all priced at $2.00 each) on this blog.

I hope everyone is having a great week. DH had a doctor appointment Tuesday, (and two more coming up this month, not going to be a good month, for our gas budget) and yesterday I got the grass in the back yard mowed for the first time this year. It grew fast, once it started growing! I've always found it hard to start a mower, and its even more irritating, (while at the same time, I'm greatful) when I can work and work, to try to start it and can't, and DH comes and does it on the first pull, even with his bad back! I'm such a wimp. *giggle* I have to say, that was the ONE thing, that was nice about last year...DH's sister did the mowing. Not that I will regret having to do it myself this year, gotta love the better mood around the house these days.

I managed to get a few other things I've been needing to do done yesterday, so hopefully I can get another couple layouts scrapped, for this week. If I'm lucky, I'll be done with 2007 layouts by my birthday...although I won't hold my breath, as not every week, am I able to do so many, and with having to be gone some this month, that's going to slow us down, even more.

Its sure nice to have nice temps some this week, I've enjoyed that! I can't handle the heat, of summer, so not looking forward to that, but do LOVE spring, and the trees are even starting to green up around here finally! There were a lot of tree's in Lincoln, that had flowers all over them, they were so pretty. Our poor little red bud tree, outside my office window is budding. I love those trees, they are so pretty in the spring, ours is still quite little, but its still neat to see the buds, although not as pretty, as the bigger trees. Growing up in Missouri, I saw them quite a bit in the spring, out in the timber. Now I can't wait for the lilacs!! We didn't have any last year, cause of the late frost, so I'm really hopeful we will this year, even though our lilac bushes are small yet too, gotta LOVE the smell of lilacs!!

Well better get this posted, and get some other things done. I hope to see some of your pets, show up in the yahoo group gallery!! :)

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  1. Rascal5:00 PM

    If there's ONE thing I hate, it's CAT HAIR in my food!


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