Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cover page for 2007 book

This is the front and back cover I'm hoping its ok for my 2007 book. It took me a bit to figure out how to get it so it showed up right, in the software, I'm just hoping that it will actually BE right! I can just see my book coming, and having the pictures chopped off or something. *giggle* I'm having trouble getting it uploaded to the site, but have e-mailed them, so hopefully they can figure out how to help me soon. I liked their software, till I got to the cover...then it was a little challenging getting it figured out, but hopefully I finally managed it.

Kit Credit: St Patricks Day kit, Box of Quilling Kit, Easter Basket kit, and Snow Flakes kit ALL by Blushbutter.

I couldn't come up with another title, and that's what I've put on the title pages of my photo albums for years so I just stayed with that, for my yearly books...least for now. A few of you have wondered where I was getting the book printed at...I went with this time around. Hopefully I am as happy with them as I was shutterfly, because I would like to use them more, as they allow more pages, and they are cheaper. If any of you have gotten a book through them, feel free to share your opinions....and I'm sure I will share mine, once I get my book.....that is if I ever get it uploaded so I can get it. LOL Thankfully they seem to be pretty good at answering e-mails so far, as they have sent me a couple, asking questions, already, so I have hope, in that respect!

Well I have things to do, while they are figuring out the problem, so I better get busy! I hope everyone is having a great day! Thanks for your comments. :)


  1. I love your fabulous front cover Deb, how exciting! I love the puppy dog's looking out the window and the car driving away, that's so fantastic, very creative. I love your title and I think it works really well to keep them all similar but with yearly differences and sub titles. I want you to order me a book to and I'll send you the paypal funds, pretty please :) I'd love to have one of these and I want to check out the quality of mypictales to, I've heard their paper is thicker and better than shutterfly's is. I love your pages and this would be my most treasured book for the year.

  2. Love your cover!!... I can't get a years worth of layouts into one book. *lol* ... Joe about had a heart attack when the last 101 layout book from Shutterfly only covered a month and 6 days. *rofl*


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