Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back!

I really didn't plan on taking a week off from scrappin, but that's what ended up happening. I can't believe it!! LOL I finally had to come throw together a couple layouts today real fast, so I could say I did some. Hopefully next week I can get back on track and do more. I also hope to put together a post one day next week, comparing Shutterfly and mypictales books, so if your interested, stay tuned. *giggle* Like one time of ordering from them, makes me an expert...NOT!!

Anyway, here are a couple layouts, the first one is about the new baby chicks that we had, the Mom had hid her eggs, where DH couldn't find them, and managed to keep them safe. I just think seeing a Mom with her new babies running around after her is the cutest thing, its to bad we don't dare leave them alone, so we can see them out and about. But the chances of them not being eaten by something isn't good, so we had to catch them and put them in the brooder house. Course as it turns out this mom is mean, so maybe she would have kept them safe. Who knows.

Kit Credit: Smiles & Joy by Manu I don't remember if this was a freebie, or one I bought, I can't find it in her store, so maybe it was a freebie...anyway, here is a link to her blog, where she posts freebies, she also has links to her stores on the sidebar too.

This next layout is DH putting together a small shelter for our milk goat billy, so he can be in his own pasture, since he wouldn't leave the nannies alone. He doesn't like it, but we don't like him running the nannies around, so he has to live with it! LOL

Kit Credit: Java Joe by Raspberry Road It was a freebie in her blog store.

I had a good birthday on Monday. DH took me to eat out, since we had to go to Lincoln to the VA. We had fun, and I managed to do a couple things that he won't let me live down anytime soon, and had a good laugh over them together, especially the little birthday cake problem I had...I laughed harder than DH on that one, but its still rather embarrassing so I'll forgo telling about it. The other one was kinda funny, but kinda embarrassing too, and DH mentioned it on his blog so I won't. I will just say, I felt horrible when I saw it sitting in my cart, after we got outside! LOL His post here tells a little bit about it here. All in all it was a good day, and I enjoyed time with my DH, and many happy birthday e-mails!!

I managed to free up around 70GB's of space this week on my computer. That's one reason I didn't managed to get anything done, because burning dvd's takes forever, especially when I go off and do other things while they are burning, so don't start another one right after one is finished. I had all my old layouts saved on my computer, and each was in psp format, as well as Jpeg, so after I burned them all to dvd, I dumped the psp format ones and that gave me lots of extra room. I should have done that long ago, but they were saved on my external harddrive, so I didn't burn them to dvd...well I had the jpeg ones, just not the psp ones. Anyway, I'm sure there are other things I could dump to get even more room, but that will do for now, I want to get back to other things!!! LOL

I hope all of you have had a good week, and will have a great weekend. Its a long weekend here in the US, so for those of you who get a long weekend, enjoy it!! Nothing major planned here as far as I know, I did manage to get a watermelon since they were on sale, for my birthday, so we at least can have that this weekend!! I LOVE a good sweet watermelon. :)

Have a safe holiday!

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  1. Love the layouts... It must be fun to live on a property with so many animals. :D ... All we have is one cat. *lol*


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