Friday, May 16, 2008

Gotta do some spring cleaning

Yep, while I could really use some of that around the house (the spring cleaning that is) I'm actually meaning on my computer! While I was doing my layouts today, my computer informed me that I was running out of space, and that I needed to get rid of some stuff. OMGoodness, I have a 250 GB hard drive, who would have ever though I could more than fill that up? I don't have EVERYTHING on it either, I've done spring cleaning before....I think I need help! *giggle* Just a short 3 years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of filling the hard drive that I had at the time, which was 80GB I think, let alone this one. How times do change. I was planning on taking a short break with my birthday coming up on Monday, and doing a few other things, I may have to take a little longer break, and get rid of some things, at least off my computer HD. Maybe that would make it run faster too, if its not so "heavy", who knows.

Anyway, these first two layouts are photo's from 2006 (my next album to work on and try to get finished!!) of a beautiful morning sunrise, with the mist hanging on in some spots. The kit I used is a new one from Lara Payton, and I think I'm going to have to use it some more down the road, cause I really like it, and only used one of the papers, and there are several really nice ones in the kit!! Isn't that frame with the 9 spots really cool? It can be used for several photo's like I did, or just one photo!

Kit Credit: Antique Beauty by Lara Payton

This is some of our cats, sleeping on a tarp in the barn. Galen was working out there and saw them, and thought they were neat, all piled together, so got their photo. Edited: After seeing it on my blog, I decided I just couldn't live with the background being so close to the color of the tarp, so changed it. LOL

Kit Credit: Nymphs by Microferk Designs A freebie for a limited time on her blog!

We made some cottage cheese today. Not sure if it turned out quite right, but its not to bad, taste wise anyway. I haven't had to much yet...I think DH had a bowl of it, but he is the biggest cheese lover around here, although I love some of it too. Tomorrow we are going to try a cheese spread, was going to today, but the cottage cheese took a while, and we didn't want to tie up more of the day doing cheese, so figured we would wait. Love trying the different cheeses...going to have to wait on the hard cheese like Colby till we can afford a bigger stockpot...that could be a little while. But we can keep practicing on the softer ones, till then.

Anyway, I have some e-mails to answer, and need to post these layouts from Lara's kit around, so I better get going. I hope everyone has a great weekend, doubt I'll be back with a post for a few days, need to do some catching up around here, before my birthday, along with getting some things off my computer! LOL Thanks so much for the comments!!

Oh yeah, speaking of comments, Julie, the software for doing the book with my pic tales was pretty easy to use. The hardest part is the cover, took me several tries to get it so it looked good on the cover in the software....but otherwise I'd say its as easy as shutterfly to use!! You can always go try it out, its free!! :) I'll try to do a comparison when I get my book!!


  1. Love the layout of the kitties, as always! *lol*

    You know, I have THREE external harddrives. *lol* Digital scrapbooking takes up so much space! I have well over 100 gigs of JUST KITS.

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    Hey u r kinda slacking in layouts lately. lol. Whats the deal?? lol



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