Friday, May 09, 2008

Making Cheese and Kali's cover.

Time got away from me again today. This morning we made our first batch of cheese out of Goats milk. It was kinda fun, because DH and I did it together. I didn't know that Mozzarella cheese had to be pulled like taffy, till I was reading the recipe the other day. DH's family used to make taffy at the county fairs around this area, and sell it, and were "famous" for it. We have made it since we got married, and it was good! Seeing DH "pulling" the cheese, made me think of our 4th of July party we had one year, shortly after we got married, and the fun everyone had making taffy. Several members of his family as well as mine was there.

This afternoon after the fun with cheese, I worked on more of Kali's book. I finished the cover and the first page of the book today...although there IS a good chance the cover could change...not sure yet. Is it to "little girlish" for her picture, and the fact that its a graduation gift? If so, let me know, I like how they turned out, but it just may not be quite right...course it HAS to be pink, as that's her favorite color, but maybe it should somehow be different. That title is a working title too, anyone have any better ideas? LOL Especially for the "The first 18 years" mind was blank so I just put that, but its easy enough to change later, if I get a better one in mind.

The first two pages, are of course the front and back page of the book. Since its a graduation gift, I wanted to have something about graduation there...even though she won't get it, till after graduation, so I can include graduation photo's in it. And I just love this paper, in pink, blue, or I'm sure any other color, so I had to use it for the cover.

I'm afraid I kinda shut my DH out of this first page (of the book, last page of the post)...(Sorry Galen!) I do plan on doing a couple pages at the end of the book that has a letter from us in it, and he will be included in that. I know he loves her a lot too, and the poem would work for him also, but I guess I was being a little selfish today, and wanted a page with her and I for the start, because she and I bonded when she was little, when I was able to spend more time with her, before we got married. LOL I suppose that page could change in the future too....we will see. This book really IS from both of us! LOL

Kit Credit for all: Baby Girl Heart Strings kit and Alpha pack 1 by Blushbutter

Anyway, time got away from me, while I was doing these pages, and before I knew it, it was past time for supper to be in the oven. *giggle* This is the 2nd day in a row, that supper will be a little late (although for different reasons). Thankfully my DH is a wonderful man, and doesn't gripe about it, although with him being diabetic, he really SHOULD eat at regular times. Hopefully a half hour off isn't to bad for him. LOL

I hope you all have a great weekend, if I'm lucky, and get to scrap....I'm hopefully going to work on prom pictures this weekend. I'm afraid of not making the page good enough for the beauty of my niece, so I've kinda put them off a little...but I did promise her I would work on them, once I got them, so I better get started. I have the feeling they will take me forever to do, just because I would really like them to show off the photo's well. I know they won't be good enough in my mind...but then we all KNOW how my mind works (or doesn't work) at times. *snicker*

Maybe next weekend I'll start trying to come up with ideas for a new kit...and maybe not, who knows. :)

Thanks so much for all of your comments & e-mails!! :)


  1. Galen7:30 AM

    Yeah, well.....
    TWO days in a row that supper is late is about the end of my patience! I'm still waiting for that cake you said you were making on MONDAY!

    Time to limit your scrappin' time.....8^)

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I think these are perfect. Will be really nice for her book.

    Time does seem to get away fast when working on the computer.


  3. You made your own cheese??? I'm so impressed!!

    Love the covers! Wish I could see the printed album. *lol*

  4. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Well i am pretty sure that u could have used a better pic of me cuz that one is not good. lol. so could u maybe find a better one??


    my weekend has really sucked so far. call me and i will tell u what happened if i can manage not to cry while i tell u


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