Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Animals

Congratulations to Lara (of Dusty Bear), she had a baby boy late Tuesday night!! I'm so happy for her. :)

These photos were some that were taken with my DH's new camera...not real happy with it, cause I don't think it takes real good CLEAR photos...they are of my niece and her mom relaxing Sat. evening while they were here.

Kit Credit: My Earthly Treasures by Idgie

We have some silly animals around here, yesterday our goats got a hold of DH's hat, and had fun with it, before he got it away from them...its not all there either. *giggle* Its not that old of a hat, but with it being straw...(DH doesn't like wearing hats, but the doc said he should have one with a wide brim on it, so this is what we came up with...and straw for summer, since its cooler) the goats have wanted to taste it, ever since he got they have. If you want to see a picture of it NOW, DH put one on his blog, now he gets to really look like a hillbilly, when he wears it, cause it looks really tattered, with a chunk missing! Wonder if I can get a picture with him actually wearing it! I think he should go walking around town with it on, and see how many people laugh at him! *giggle* (ok, maybe NOT!!)

Between the goats and our doxie's, we usually can be entertained around here. One of our Doxie's loves fruit, apple season is her favorite season, cause she gets some apple as I cut them up for the freezer, or to be canned. She also loves vegetables, although not as much as fruit. Whenever I make salad, she sits down at my feet, trying to prod me to give her some as I'm cutting everything up, if I don't, she will start sitting up, begging, and when that doesn't work, she will yip. Even if I gave her some as soon as she was finished with the last piece, I doubt she would think I was giving her enough. LOL Our other Doxie isn't really that fond of vegetables, or fruit for that mater. He is a meat lover, but will eat the other stuff. Sometimes though, you KNOW he just doesn't really want it, cause he will sit there watching Autumn eat hers, and then when she gets done, and heads towards his, he will snag it and start slowly chewing on it. Its so funny to watch, last night, he did that with a cucumber skin, and tormented Autumn (even though she had just had several to his one) while he slowly ate it. They do crack me up!! *giggle*

This morning, DH put the two milk goat babies in with the other goats...he has had them and their Moms seprated, so he can milk the mom's in the barn, and with the goats in this new pasture, they can't get to the barn. He wanted to get the babies weened, they are plenty old enough to be, plus if we go to my parents, we plan on taking the milkers, so we can milk them, and so we want the kids used to being without them, before we go anywhere. Its so sad hearing them cry for their mothers though, and watching them want to be back with them. I hope they get used to being seprated soon, the poor things. :(

Well I got a bunch of things I am wanting to do today, so better get at it! Have a great day!!

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  1. Oh, now that's funny! His poor hat! *lol*


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