Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheese Day

I finally used my newest kit again, and did another page to go beside the last one I did with my kit in Kali's book. This is my Grandma with Kali when she was a baby. I just LOVE these photos, cause Grandma looks so happy to be holding her great-granddaughter.

Kit Credit: Yesterday's Dreams by Doxie Designs

Today is cheese making day here, we haven't made it for a week or two, so really need to get some made, and some jars out of the freezer. LOL So that's what I'm planning for this afternoon, but boy will it be good to have some more fresh cheese!! I think DH is going to try milking twice a day now, that the kids are separated from their Mom's, so we may be having more milk and of course that means cheese! :)

I do want to get a cream separator though, so we can make a few other things more often, like Alfredo sauce (with store bought cows milk or cream, not agreeing with me, we don't make it often)....DH makes THE BEST Alfredo sauce, I used to love to go to Olive Garden on my birthday, cause I love chicken Alfredo, however since DH made me some one day as a surprise, I don't go very often, cause I like his better!! :) I'm so lucky, that once in a while DH will actually cook for me, and when he does, he is WAY better at it than I am.

Anyway, I better get going, I have some things to do, before we start making the cheese, so better get at it! I do hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks so much for your comments!! :)

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  1. Lovely layout! The photos are great!


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