Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Still no rain!

I just had to use this photo, but I think Kali may disown me. *giggle* This is Kali when her and her parents came out to one of our 4th of July get togethers we used to have, when we lived in Kansas, when we were first married. Kali was being potty trained at this time, and Uncle Orison managed to catch it on I could scrap her all these years later, and make her want to smack me, by posting it on the net for all to see!! *snicker* She certainly didn't look to happy about having her photo taken, at the time, but I still think she is adorable! :)

These next photo's were taken later that same day, when she was "dancing" with one of our nephews (on DH's side). LOVE these photos too!!

All but one of these photos were already black and white, since my Uncle took a lot of his photos with black and white film, and developed it himself. I just changed the one photo that wasn't, to black & white, to go with the rest of them. LOL

Kit Credit: Unicorn & Fairy kit by Blushbutter. I just LOVE this kit!!!

My Dad is the featured selling on the home page of Etsy today...and maybe for two or three days, I don't really know how long. If anyone is interested in seeing his interview, you can go here, and scroll down a little to see the featured seller section, but you better hurry, before they put up the next featured seller!! Congrats Dad, for being the featured seller!! :)

We still haven't had any rain this week, I'm so surprised!! I thought we were only suppose to have 3 or 4 days of no rain, but its turning out to be more than that, not that I'm complaining, because we have had enough for a little while! LOL It is rather hot outside, and its always possible we will get some later, but the fact that it hasn't since late last week, sure is nice.

Just in case I don't get anymore scrappin done, so I post here again, I hope all of you from the US has a GREAT 4th of July!!! Ok, all of you from other countries, have a great one too, even though its not a holiday for you! *giggle*

Well gotta get going, need to do some other things!! I hope everyone is having a good week, I'm happy to say ours is going great so far!!!!! (Praise God!) :)

Thanks so much for your comments!


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    R U OUT OF UR MIND???? GOOD THING MY BOYFRIEND CANT USE THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW!!!!! U know u really should get a hobby that doesnt include using embarasing pictures of ur neice.


  2. oh Kali, don't be cross at Aunty Deb pretty please, the layout is just so classy and beautiful ;)
    It's actually the nicest potty training layout I've ever seen and you almost miss it 'cept for the title. I've seen some with toilet rolls and nappies etc... this one is the best so far, very elegant and I love your grumpy face ;)
    Deb I love your layouts with that kit and I got the pages this morning and they are sensational up closer, so beautiful! I love how you have the photo tucked into the pocket with lot's of things, it really looks like a full pocket.
    Love the dancing photos, I did however notice the one photo you turned to black and white and I'm thinking to make it the same black n white as the others you might want to consider adding the warm filter to it a little edit>adjustments> photo filter the warming colour is automatically selected andyou can choose the amount of tint. I use it on my photos to try and blend all the different colours of the black n white photos alot.

  3. just saw your dads feature and myspace page, wow!!!! I love the slideshow and love the feature questions, that's so neat!

  4. Galen8:52 PM

    Now, Kali - what about the layout where you are taking a bath? Thousands of people on the internet have seen you TOPLESS!
    Isn't that more embarassing? LOL!

  5. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Kali, that picture is just part of growing up. It is just one of those pictures all parents and other relatives that love you like to keep.
    We love you.

    I love the LO's and enjoyed Kali's, Blushbutters and Galens comments too.


  6. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Ok first, I wasnt happy bout the taking a bath layout either. lol And yes i know that thousands have seen me topless. My boyfriend was one of those who got on here and seen that layout so thanks so much. lol.

    And i know that it is a part of growing up. I get that many parents and so on love these types of photos. I like them myself but most parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents dont post them on the internet for all to c. lol

    So i still have a great point.

  7. I should show Kali the 2 page layout I did of Amanda's potty training experience! ;) ... Amanda is the one who's going to DIE! *rofl*


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