Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wonderful News!!

Before the wonderful news I have to tell you, I'll talk about my layout that I managed to scrap today finally, with my new kit. This is my Mom holding Kali when she was just a couple months old. I've been busy working on other things, getting ready for Kali's visit, and getting my new home page finished so I haven't had a chance to scrap. This will be it for this week, probably, as she comes tomorrow!!!! :)

Kit Credit: Yesterday's Dreams by Doxie Designs

If you have tried to get to my blog, by way of, and it said it wasn't available, that's cause I've taken my domain name and pointed it to another site, for a home page, that has links to the different area's you can find me at. It takes a little while for it to settle down, and decide to work all the time, so just check back later. or use the blogspot address to get to my blog.

Now for the wonderful news part! I'm going to make a short story, long btw! ROFL

Way back at the turn of the century *giggle* we were really hankering for a farm, so we could get back to our roots, and enjoy the country, like we did, when we were both growing up. We didn't want a large farm, we knew it would be to hard to care for it, and we knew that if God gave us custody of some of his beautiful land, we should do our best to take care of it.

We were looking pretty much all over the east half of Nebraska, because at the time we still had our business, and traveled, and knew we could pretty much live anywhere God wanted us to. Finally in 2001 we found out that DH's brother was wanting to sell part of his farm, the farm DH used to live on as a child, so we talked to him about us buying it. We told him we only wanted 30-40 acres but he wanted to get rid of lots more than that, and wouldn't break it up, so we decided to do all of it, and closed on it, in July. We have had the pasture rented out, since then, to help pay our taxes.

The taking care of 100 acres has been the really hard part, at first, we didn't have time to spend here much, with traveling, but then we got the house, just for paying to move it, and our farm life started. We've been happy here for the most part, yet unhappy that we couldn't get the land cleared of the pesky cedar trees that had taken it over before we got it, they just kept spreading on parts of the farm, although DH and the neighbor was able to get some of them cut down.

We finally came to the conclusion that we should try to sell part of it. With the rising cost of living, the payments were hard to deal with, since we didn't have our business anymore (because I couldn't do it myself & DH got so he couldn't always be lifting or climbing ladders) so we put it on the market last year. Strangely I was the one DH had to convince, not the other way around, cause I just LOVE the back part, of what we are selling, its out of the way, with some beautiful cottonwood trees, that I adore. I would have put the house back there, had we been able to afford a drive way to it!! LOL Anyway, he finally convinced me we needed to try to sell it, to get a smaller loan and loan payment, so we could continue buying Gas and food. *giggle*

Our wonderful news is....*drum roll*.... that we just had closing today, for the part we were selling (you had to KNOW I would ramble on, before I told it. *giggle*), a couple from the Omaha area bought it. They seem like they will take good care of it, and enjoy it, so I'm happy about that. It certainly deserves some tender loving care. We kept 35 acres, and have some of those tall beautiful cottonwood trees on ours, so I won't be to sad about loosing some of them. At least now we have the amount of land, that we wanted in the first place, AND in the process learned ONCE AGAIN that God knows best. He knew we would need to sell the extra, to help us get out of debt faster (not that it covered all we owed, however it took a big chunk of it away, so we can refinance and lower our payments, so I'm thankful we listened to God's nudge, and bought all of it, way back there at the turn of the century! :) (*snicker* ok I think I'm finished with the turn of the century comments....for now.)

Needless to say we are having a good day today! Least so far. I hope all of you are having a good day, have a great weekend too, I'm all set to enjoy my beautiful niece. Her birthday is on Sunday, she will be 18, she is excited about that! LOL Thanks for listening to my long ramble, I couldn't help myself....this time I'll blame it on the excitement! *giggle* Oh and if you have been able to see my new homepage let me know what you think of it!! :)


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I think I would have had a hard time selling the extra land... But I'm happy for you!

    Love the layout!! ... Emjoy your visit with your niece!


  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I've always loved those pictures. I like the LO too.

    Glad to hear the deal closed. It will be easier taking care of a smaller amount of land. You still have more then we do.

    Have fun with Kali.


  3. I am glad that you are having a good day. I hope the people you sell it too make for good neighbors!

    Such great photos to treasure in that layout!


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