Monday, August 25, 2008

What was I thinking?

The pond, when I was growing up was kinda fun, we would swim in it, take a boat out on it...even though it wasn't huge...and even ice skate on it in the winter. (I was never very good, but remember one year I had lots of fun, cause I had good skates that fit) I enjoyed seeing it again, with blooming lily pads even...on our trip over there a few weeks ago.

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Now for the what was I thinking part of the post. *giggle*

I've kinda thought it would be nice to have a cow, for the cream....lots of fresh homemade butter. I have no idea what I was thinking!

We have our pasture (well former pasture) rented out for cows, and there is a young (although he is bigger than me) bull in with the cows. He got out this weekend, so we thought we would try to get him back in, we've done it before...although maybe not with him. Never again, will I try to to mess with a bull, I don't care how gentle of a disposition they are rumored to have! I don't even really want to mess with cows now...but that could change, once I get far enough away from the fright. Cows/Bulls are just TO big! Especially when they are charging!!

I went up to open the gate, then walked back down the hill a little ways to get away from it, so DH could hopefully walk him up and through the gate...he didn't want to go, so I moved back further, so hopefully he would turn and go towards the gate, and not back into the hay field. He kept coming towards me, slowly, so I put my hand out to the right, and my left hand to the left, but back behind me some, (it works on the goats, and they turn and go to the left) and instead of turning, he starts charging right at me, eye contact and all. He's getting closer and closer, and I'm thinking "WHAT DO I DO?!!" ....ok I'm screaming that in my head....and couldn't come up with anything, and didn't want to run, as I knew there was NO way I could out run him, and it would only make him chase me for way was I turning my back on him!! So since he was getting way to close for my comfort, I did the girly thing, and screamed!! *giggle* Thankfully that (or something) must have made him change his mind, and he dodged to the left.

With my heart pounding, I stayed back, and DH tried to get around him again, but he just didn't want to go through the gate, and he thought about running me over again, but thankfully decided to just run between us, and off to the north, along the fence. We gave up, and came back to the house, and called the owner for him to come try. From now on, if its a bull out, I won't be even trying to get him in, the jury is still out on what I would do, if a cow is out. LOL It took a while (a long while) to calm down, and stop having that scared feeling in my chest, but I thank God for turning him away from me, and saving me from possible injury! Being a young bull, he may not have actually been going to run me down, but you sure could have fooled me!!

I may have grown up on a farm, and love living on a farm, but I'm not to into cows/bulls, as they are just to darn big. Since we only had sheep and goats from the time I was real little, I don't know much about how to deal with the larger animals, and do know that I can't wrestle them, like I could a goat, so I'm thinking its probably best to stick to the goats, least that way I have a better chance of not getting run over. I'm much rather be able to work with them myself if I had to, and I'm not so sure I could a cow, so what was I thinking, when I thought I wanted a cow for the cream? For that matter, what was I thinking when I went out to try to get a bull back in where he belonged? LOL

There's never a dull moment around here...least not lately! LOL

I hope you all had a good weekend, other than my fright I did! LOL Have a great week, and thanks so much for your comments. :)

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    Hey Debbie, I managed to post under the wrong Blog. My post under "New Store" should have been under this one. :-)


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