Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Day

The Teacher

This morning started (after chores) with a trip to town by DH to pick up the tractor part...unfortunately it was the wrong one. *sigh* Figures.

That meant a trip to the bigger town to the west of us a half hour away...which naturally cut into the morning big time. He got the part, and got it on,'s not set right or something, cause while the tractor runs, it's not actually running RIGHT, so hopefully he can have time to play with it some tomorrow.

DH used the 8n to rake the hay...which he would do anyway, as the rake doesn't take as big of a tractor to run. A young friend of DH's offered to let us use his tractor so we could get the hay that is down, baled and into the barn.

Praise God for Godly friends!! We have tried to help others over the years, when they needed help to get back on their feet, never expecting anything but respect (for us and our property) and friendship in return, after all we feel that's what God wants us to do. It's sure nice to find a few people willing to help us now and then too, now that we are living in the country, because it's seems like they are few and far between anymore...or maybe we just know to many who aren't like that, I don't know. I thank God for the true friends we do have though, like the one who loaned us his tractor. May God bless them richly! :)

While DH was putting the part on the tractor I took the dogs out to see how it was going again and had to snap a photo of the two of them (above). Autumn was in her "hunting" mode, and looking for anything that moved in the grass/hay...and Peaches was right beside her, trying to figure out what she was looking for. It was cute, and I think that Autumn is going to teach her well...maybe to well. LOL

On a side note, last night, Peaches didn't wake up till 5 in the morning instead of around 2 & 5...guess I wore her out with all the running around she did in the hayfield...maybe we need to do that more often! Needless to say it was nice to not get woke up in the middle of the night. LOL

Well I better get off here, gotta get up and help get the hay in the barn in the morning...once the dew dries, since we ran out of daylight today. We got more hay this fall on what we have managed to get cut than we did on the first cutting with the whole field...hopefully we can get our tractor to working right and get the rest of it cut so we can see how much the whole field will produce now. It's great that we are improving the hayfield...course the down side of it, is having to pick it all up. *giggle* The animals will love it this winter though! God is good!!

Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. Deb, So sorry to hear y'all are having so much trouble with that darn tractor. Never fails - it happens right in the middle of the worst possible moment. I hope things smooth out very soon, Hon.

    We are hanging in there, here. But I've got an ultrasound coming up. More details at my last posting.

  2. Sounds like you have some great friends!!! ... And I'm glad to hear that the dogs are getting along better. :) ... If only Cuddles would be so accepting of the kittens. *lol* (I think Cuddles is a lost cause!)


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