Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Fall Morning

Beautiful Fall Morning

Fall has come to our neck of the woods, even though it still can get warm during the day the night time temps are a bit nippy now and then. We don't have as pretty a fall over here in Nebraska, as I'm used to from growing up in northern Missouri...least not the area right around where we live isn't, but it's still kinda pretty to see the changing seasons.

I was out in the hayfield this morning, checking on the tractor repairs, and looked out at our view and thought how pretty it was...not the fresh beauty that spring brings, but it's still pretty with the bits of green hanging around as well as the reds and golds of the crops and native grasses. The touches of yellow the wild sunflowers bring to the landscape add that final touch of fall that made it impossible to go back to the house without a photo. Some of our trees are turning...and loosing their leaves, although they never seem as beautiful here as they do in Missouri (probably cause of the variety we have, as opposed to what they have there) but they still add to the fall landscape.

Exploring the hayfield

While I was admiring the far landscape, Autumn was exploring the hayfield. She loves to get out of our dog fence, and go see what she can find...but it's not something we let them do, unless we are with them and can watch them to make sure they don't get into trouble or wander to far. LOL

As for our tractor...well we ran into a glitch yet again, but hopefully a part we need will be in tomorrow and we can get it back to running. It would have been today, but the parts they had were put together wrong, so it wouldn't fit where it was suppose to. Hopefully this actually fixes the tractor, cause we thought we had it fixed from the last time it sputtered and died...but our hayfield was to much for it yesterday and it decided it wasn't. Can't blame it really, it's a lot of work cutting all that hay and then having to bale it besides. *giggle*

It's been the year for breakdowns around here...but I guess we can't complain to much, cause so far they haven't been as expensive as they could have been...just time consuming. Thankfully the week is suppose to be dry (except for the dew) so we might manage to get the hay we have down finished and in the barn before rain comes...hopefully we can get all of it done, so we don't have to worry about when we can get the rest cut and baled. Least over half the field is down drying, so once we get the tractor running again we can bale it and get it into the barn.

I wanna go!

Peaches wore herself out, outside. It's a long walk for a little tyke like that, she may be growing like a weed, but it's still a lot of work to walk that far, and jump over large clumps of grass. She enjoyed it though, and followed Autumn some of the time, learning to explore. In the photo above, she is watching DH as he walked away to get a tool...she wanted to follow him, but I had her stay with me, so he could hurry...and she didn't need the extra exercise anyway. LOL

Speaking of the dogs...Autumn was PLAYING with Peaches this morning!!! *shock* I couldn't believe it, when I saw her "pawing" at her, trying to get Peaches to play. DH said they have before a little, but not with me around...course I heard them in the living room playing, so tried to sneak up on them and get a photo, but they stopped and looked at me so I couldn't. *giggle*

Least Autumn seems to be melting's been a long time coming it seems. LOL NOT that she won't still be grouchy at times, she is just like that...but maybe she will be friends with her baby sister now, instead of trying to kill her. I guess I should have known she was getting better, cause she let Peaches into her food bowl last night...I thought Peaches was playing with fire, but Autumn was good and didn't snap at her or try to kill her. LOL

Peaches is 9 weeks old today. Learning lots and oh so sweet, cuddly & adorable! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying fall so far...or spring if you happen to be having that right now. Extra prayers for us to get the tractor fixed and hay in would be appreciated! Have a great rest of the week! :)

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  1. What a pretty scene! Love the pictures! ... And I'm glad to hear that Autumn is coming around, where Peaches is concerned. :)


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