Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Hillbilly Home - Dreams do come true

Hillbilly Hill -  Our Country Dream

Growing up in the boonies of Northern Missouri gave me an appreciation for the peace and quiet of the country. I learned how to keep myself entertained in those early years, without going out to the mall or partying with friends. Of course that's not to say, that I wasn't also a typical child who got "bored" but it wasn't a constant thing with me. (Least as I remember it....Mom do I have a selective memory...don't answer that! *snicker*)

Long walks with my dogs, to enjoy the scenery became a favorite past time of mine and fed my soul.

Because of this, ever since we got married, I wanted to get back to the country as did DH. We didn't know how we would accomplish this, but tried to work towards it as much as possible.

When we finally got ready to start seriously looking for a farm to call our own we were able to look in a wide area, because by then we had our own business and traveled all over the Midwest working on windows and doors. We were only wanting 30-40 acres so that kinda held us up, since most places with a house on them were more than that, which also meant they were out of our price range.

Hillbilly Hill - Our Country Dream

One day, DH was talking to his brother, when his brother finally told him that he needed to sell part of the old family farm, and he offered to sell it to us. Not wanting 101 acres, we asked if he would divide it more, but when he said no we prayed about it and finally felt led to get it...even though there wasn't a house on it which meant, we couldn't actually live there.

We signed the papers in July of 2001 for our farm.

The photos show the farm. The first is where the house eventually went, the 2nd shows our truck parked out by the road (if you can see it through the trees), where we had to leave it at first...before we got a driveway. We would walk in to where we finally settled on as a building site.

We were so excited to finally have a place in the country to call our own, even though who knew how long it would be, before we would actually be able to live there since we couldn't afford the huge expense to build a home on our land...

...God knew though, and he made it happen much sooner than we thought it would.

Stay tuned for news on "breaking ground" for the first time on our farm...and just WHAT we broke ground for... time on "Our Hillbilly Home".
More will come once I get the photos gathered, and words written...please forgive the fact that I'm clearly NOT a "writer" AND the time it could take for the next part to show up...a day, a week, a month or... God forbid... a year.
Next installment is here.


  1. I hope Dwayne and I are able to enjoy that same feeling as you in a few years. None of it is easy - to say the least. Twice as hard when there's a career with a work schedule that's totally off the term 'normal' - and the 32 mi. commute each way to get to the job - in the middle of the never-ending list at home. Make ya' wanna go 'Huh?' LOL Trust me. Understandable!

  2. You have 101 acres?! How awesome is that! It must feel like your own piece of heaven!


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