Friday, September 17, 2010

Spoiled Rotten


Peaches is already Spoiled Rotten! In our defense, I just want to note, that she came spoiled...or least seemed to. She has been real good about training us the way she wants to...unfortunately for her, I've decided enough is enough on some of it. LOL

She is the sweetest little thing...except when she wants to play, then she can be vicious...which is rather fun. *giggle*

At night however, she has been working us...which isn't so sweet. DH has been up with her way more than I have although I was up till midnight one night, because she just WOULDN'T go to sleep, she was having so much fun playing and I was having fun watching it didn't seem so bad, but I shouldn't have let her get away with it...

but just look at that cute little face...

Playing with "Daddy"

...hard to resist letting her get away with a little to much, least at first. LOL She was playing with DH in the photo above, and I caught her looking back towards me. TO CUTE! :) Course the spoiling her rotten probably wasn't helped by the fact that we are still missing Rascal which makes us spoil the ones we have left all the more.

It may have taken me a little while to get tired of her plot to get her way all the time, but finally Wed night I had enough of that sleeping alone most of the night, while DH was up with her, or trying to catch catnaps in his chair. Granted DH doesn't sleep well as it is, and is usually up for part of the night...however it shouldn't be, because a little conniving hound dog has wrapped her paws around our hearts and trained us to do her bidding. *giggle*

I switched sides of the bed with DH (which isn't a good thing cause for some reason I can't sleep to well one his side) and worked on getting her to get in her bed and go to sleep. Within 5 min. or so she was asleep...till she woke up a couple hours later wanting up again, so after taking her outside I went at it again....and again...till morning. I think she may be getting the picture...course that doesn't mean she likes it, but she will learn. Hopefully things continue to improve, and she learns to stay in bed without crying about it unless she needs to go outside. LOL I'm sure she will still be spoiled rotten...but least it won't be in every aspect of her life....hopefully. LOL

Autumn was always a joy when she was tiny cause we would carry her up to bed, and she would try to leap out of our arms to get into her bed faster and go to was really strange but oh so nice to not have the this day she is ready for bed, and sometimes waits at the bedroom door hoping we will open it for her so she can go to bed in the evening. Yes she has other beds around the house, but come evening she is ready for her night time bed, it's so funny. :)

Sleepy puppy

I think, part of Peaches trouble is, when she is sleeping she wants body contact with least when she first goes to sleep, after she has been asleep for a little bit we can put her in her bed and she will stay there for a little while.

When I'm busy in the kitchen, and can't hold her when she wants to go to sleep, she wants to lay on the floor hugging my feet. This doesn't work real well if I'm moving around, but sometimes when I just standing in one place working, she has been able to get away with it. Then I either leave her there on the floor, if she isn't in the way...or pick her up and put her on a blanket I have laying by the patio door.

It's just getting to sleep she has a problem with being alone I think. I'm not sure if that's because she was held a lot or because she had her siblings with her before we got her. I hold my hand by her, when she is settling down at night, till she is sleeping...and it seems to help, but only if she is settling down...if she wants to play it doesn't do any good, cause she will attack it. LOL

All in all, so far we have found, that she is a cuddle bug when she's sleepy...and a cute but vicious monster when she wants to play. She also LOVES meat, which she has gotten several times already...she will LOVE deer season!

She is a real sweetheart for the most part and we love her already, even if we are having trouble getting enough sleep right you can see from the photos she gets plenty...during the day! LOL


  1. You two have gone and dealt yourself a case of ' Mess ' that's gonna wrap around your legs and tie you up in knots!!! She is absolutely adorable!

  2. I'm getting my Doxie puppy fix by reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Zoie turned one in June. She's not a puppy anymore.

  3. She sounds so cute!!! I think it's great that she likes to snuggle :)


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