Monday, October 04, 2010

New Collar

Peaches in her new collar

We went and did our monthly shopping finally today...a bit later than planned, but the tractor trouble from last week put it off. DH got the rest of the hay cut yesterday afternoon, so we could go shopping today while it dried...and plan on bailing it tomorrow if all goes well. Yes the tractor seems to be running better, may not be perfect, but least it managed to finish cutting the hay!! LOL

Since this is the first time we've gone to the "big city" since we got Peaches we hit the pet stores to look for a little bell to put on her collar (so we can hear where she is better)...and also looked at collars cause we wanted a bright pink one for her like we used to have for Crystal. The closest we could find has reflective shapes on it, but it's kinda cute so we got two...a small one and a larger one for when she gets bigger, we also got a matching leash, cause we can only find one of the old pink ones we had, and like to have one in both the car and truck, so we don't have to try to remember to grab them when we go somewhere.

Peaches isn't as "red" as Crystal was, least not on her body, so the pink doesn't look quite as "good" as it did on crystal, but it still looks cute. We also got her a name tag with her name on it and our phone number, we like to have that on them, in case something happens and they get lost...not as likely to need it out here in the country or since we don't travel like we used to...but still nice to have. I have to say I wasn't to happy with the choices of tags OR colors for collars as I used to be...they didn't even have a purple one so we could get a new one for Autumn! Darn trends anyway. *giggle*

I couldn't get a real good photo of her with her new collar on cause she has been almost none stop since we got home...zipping here and there and making it hard to catch a good one with my camera. She was SOOOO unhappy having to be locked in the kitchen for several hours today, but with Autumn back and forth still, being an angel one moment to being a grouch the next, we still don't want to chance leaving them alone together for that long. Doubt she would be real happy even that way, but least it would be better if they could be together. LOL

Maybe one of these days I can get a better photo of the collar. She sure makes a lot of noise now when she is running around, with that bell on there...but least now we will be able to tell where she is a little better. LOL

It's so funny though, she usually RUNS to wherever she is going, and as she runs across the wood floor she sounds like a herd of dogs (not just one)...but it's such a happy sound, it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Autumn in the grasses

I caught this photo of Autumn with the sunlit grasses behind her this evening and thought it was neat so had to share it too. She was actually looking at me over her shoulder for this one, instead of being camera shy and looking away. LOL

Needless to say we were happy to get home, knowing that shopping is behind us for another month...and the dogs were glad to see us again. We missed the happy barking that Rascal always did when we came home though. It's the first shopping trip since he died, so was the first time we came home after being away for several hours without the dogs, to a silent house...well except for the worried crying of Peaches. Autumn may have gave a short little bark, but it wasn't the prolonged happy barking that Rascal always did...our buddy boy was always vocal when he was excited. LOL

Well better get off here, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...hopefully we will finish the hay for the year tomorrow!! :)

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  1. Very cute collar for a cute pup! :) ... When the kittens are bigger, I want to get them collars too. Well, Tootsie is probably big enough now. He's going to be a big kitty! But I think CeeCee will be sorta small.

    Anyway, hope you had a good trip to town!


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