Thursday, October 07, 2010

Winter's Coming

Stew's winter coat

Winter is coming to our neck of the may not really feel like it outside today, but we've already woke up to frost covered grass at least once now and the animals are getting their winter coats. The one you can tell it on the most though is Stew...he looks black now, cause his winter coat (hair) is black, so unless he gets in the right light, you couldn't tell he was born dark brown. It will be interesting to see if he gets his pretty brown coat back come spring.

We got the hay done and in the barn finally...between rain and breakdowns, we were later getting it finished up this year...but this was our best year so far!!! We have over 450 bails in the barn this year, and last year I think we only had right around 200 the overseeding, Nitrogen & milk we put on the field this year seems to have helped!! :) I know we didn't get a lot of milk on I'd sure be interested in seeing how well it did if we actually got it covered in milk. Our Cows and goats are sure going to be happy to have it when winter hits, they already have enjoyed a taste of it.

Speaking of repairs...this has NOT been the best week around here. Our truck has to have a new tranny put in, the repair shop said it's been bad for a long time (maybe even when we bought it, cause the man who had it before us pulled heavy trailors with it...we've never pulled anything very heavy with it since we had it) but this week it totally gave out on us. Thankfully it's not as expensive as I imagined it could be to have them put one in, but...more than we have right now, so we will have to do some fancy footwork to get the money for it. And to think we would have had it paid off in two years...guess that might have to be extended now. :(

In happier news...we have a smarty pants on our hands! Peaches discovered the inner dog door a few days ago (we have two, one goes out onto the side porch which is where my soap center is and the other goes outside from the side's more weather proof so is harder to navagate for a little puppy) now she can go out onto the side porch to snoop around...and does quite often. I was kinda hoping it would take her a little longer to figure that out. LOL

She has been in the outer dog door once, cause she followed Autumn around the house and DH saw her so went and helped her to figure it out...with it being harder to navagate, I'm sure it will take her longer to totally figure it out. We haven't really tried to get her to learn it much another few weeks she will be a little bigger and I'll be more willing to help her learn it. Now I like to know if she is outside, so I can kinda watch her since she is still kinda small...although she is growing.

Peaches also got her first mouse last 10 weeks old!!! The dogs went outside with DH last night, and naturally Autumn went into her "huntin' mode, and found a mouse which jumped up and ran...right across Peaches path. Peaches pounced on it and grabbed it and bit down...when DH got to her it was already dead! She got praised and they both got an extra treat, good mouser's on a farm are wonderful to have, and they always get extra treats when we see them catch one so they know they are suppose to do that!!! :)

Well I better get off here, hopefully our month gets's our anniversary month (it's next week actually) so it sure would be nice to have it improve! LOL I'm thinking Peaches is going to have to be an early anniversary gift...with the problems we've had this year and now the truck needing fixed, I doubt we will be spending all that much to make our anniversary extra special. Least being together on our farm with our animals is enough to make me pretty happy. It's been a hard year in some respects...but I still consider myself blessed with my wonderful MAN and our farm and animals. :)

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  1. You DO have a great life! I love reading about your little farm adventures. :)

    Peaches sounds so cute!!! She sure is learning and growing fast. :)


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