Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh what Fun!

Peaches found the BIG ball

Several years ago, when we still had Crystal and possibly Mischief (who loved playing with balls) we bought a bigger ball than what they were used to playing with. (They played with a tennis ball a lot...this is like 3 or 4 of them put together at least.) Since Autumn and Rascal always played with squeak toys, instead of balls, it's just been sitting around in or around the toy box for years.

Peaches finally found it this weekend and started playing with it. She carries it around by the fuzz, and it's so funny watching her cause it's SO big. *giggle* It was really funny when she found it, cause she went scampering across the floor with it to show it could tell she was excited. :)

Peaches found the BIG ball

I've REALLY got to learn how to take photos of a moving didn't work out to well when I tried to yesterday, but I just had to share it anyway...cause it made me laugh.

Even though we have had dogs who played with balls...we've never had one who could keep themselves entertained with one, without any help from us for so long. We do throw it and have her go get it and bring it back to us (especially if she is super hyper and we want to help her expend some energy so she will settle down, which happens far to often LOL)...but a lot of times she plays by herself just rolling it around the floor. She was doing this with the big ball yesterday evening as I was getting supper, and I just HAD to try for some photos.

She kept going around the main part of the kitchen with it, back and forth. It was crazy to watch but she was having lots of fun...till I got my camera of course, then she stayed to close to me, or stopped and looked at me so I couldn't keep trying for a good photo. LOL

Least the ball is getting used again for a change, I'm sure it was feeling a bit lonely just sitting there all these years. Just don't look to closely at my kitchen's way WAY past time to scrub it...which I really HATE doing as you can see. *giggle*


  1. I have a little dachund named Lucy who is so sweet and fun. My sister lives in Missouri. It is so pretty there. I live on a few acres in Tx. I hope you enjoy your house. How is the move going? I enjoyed your posts. Sandra

  2. Thanks Sandra. Yes Missouri is beautiful...but then I grew up there so I guess it's always going to have a special place in my heart. :)

    I've been to Tx a time or two, but didn't see to much of it. It's always better in the country to me...what ever state we live in. LOL

    We actually moved the house several years ago, before I started I'm just posting the story about it now, cause a friend and I were talking about it and I figured it would be easier to share the photos of it on my blog than through e-mail. I'm just slow on getting the photos out and uploaded to flicker, which is why I am spreading the story out.

    Thanks for commenting...aren't doxie's the BEST!! :)

  3. That ball is about as big as she is! *lol*


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