Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Bump

Getting Big

Mabel has really been looking big lately to me. I thought she was before, but now that she really IS with calf, she for sure is. DH says she rubs on the door as she walks through it now. LOL

I've enjoyed feeling the calf move a few times when I managed to get out there when she is in the stanchion, and can see how her side is getting more and more rounded, but this weekend I took the dogs outside while DH was listing to the Husker football game, and walked down to see the cows. I had my camera with me (naturally) and thought I'd snap a photo of Mabel...then she turned sideways and I had to get another one.

Baby Bump

You can sure tell what side the calf is on, on her. It's nice and rounded and sticking out, whereas the other side isn't as much so. It's just soooo cool watching the changes and waiting for a new baby to be born on our farm! Course it's not so nice that it will be the middle of the winter...hopefully we can do better the next time around. LOL

Speaking of a calf...our current one (Stew) is now banished from Mom. He got his last meal fresh from the tap Sunday morning. (Least I'm hoping it's the last one from the tap. LOL) Let me tell you he is NOT happy, the poor thing. He bawls and bawls, and if I wasn't wanting the cream so much I might feel bad for him, but...the call of the cream for butter is stronger than my pity. LOL

We may try to bucket feed him for a little bit longer if we can get him to drink it like that...but he IS old enough to wean...so he's getting weaned. He's in the pasture with his girlfriend (Belle...they have both been infatuated with each other from day one for some reason, that's why we call her his girlfriend. LOL) and Chuck now. Once Chuck gets into our freezer, Belle and Stew will probably be moved to one of the pastures by the barn...but away from Mom and Aunt Mabel.

Now the fun begins...who knows if Daisy will give us a fight over the next few days (or weeks) cause she doesn't have her baby with her anymore, she hasn't been a pain so far I guess...but it's early days yet. LOL I guess only time will tell. Hopefully it's not TO long before we start getting some of that precious cream...I WANT it by Thanksgiving at least...but hopefully we get it way before that. I can't believe how she can give us (almost) skim milk all the time...I never would have believed they could do that, without seeing it for myself. It's just so ODD. LOL

Hopefully churning butter is in my near future for a change...since it's been a little while since I had enough to do that.

Hope everyones week is going good! Have a great one! :)


  1. How long are cows pregnant for?

    Hope the cows get settled over the weaning soon. *lol*


  2. Cows are pregnant for 9 months just like humans...I thought that was odd when I first heard it, cause I'm used to the goats being 5 months. :)


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