Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Good Movie

Galen & Stew

I took this photo yesterday of DH trying to get Stew to drink milk from a you can see he isn't interested. He even dipped his hand in the milk, and brought some up to Stews mouth...and still no go. I'm thinking it may not be something we can get him to do...I just thought maybe he would continue to grow faster, if he still got a little milk every day...but I guess at this rate, he will have to thrive on grass, hay and grain, and hopefully he will. Least he is with friends, and not stuck off with the goats or by himself. LOL

Now that good movie we saw the other night:

A few months ago, we decided to try Netflix out, because we just couldn't see paying big bucks for a bunch of channels on satellite and still not have much on to watch (and couldn't really afford to either...since it costs more than what we pay for Netflix), and we were both getting a little tired of always watching the movies and shows we had been able to purchase, over and over and over again...since we couldn't afford to always buy a bunch every month.

We've really enjoyed being able to catch up on our favorite TV series (since digital tv managed to rob us of getting ANY of the free channels) and re watch some of our well as find some movies we can enjoy. I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to movies, I haven't kept up on whats coming out for years, so it's hard to go find some I might want to watch (If anyone has any suggestions for me feel free to send me a list...I'd love to see if they are available. No strange vampire junk though, I know it's really popular these days...but I can't stand them.) but I've managed to find some good ones.

Earlier this week, we received a movie called FireProof in the mail...I didn't know much about it, but when I had seen it, it sounded kinda interesting so I thought what the heck...lets try it. I have to say...I'm extremely impressed! I LOVED it, and even DH liked it. I had no idea it was an "inspirational" movie when I chose it, and YES it "preaches" a lot, but that's ok I love the message, and really love a good love story. Besides I'm kinda liking the inspirational movies I've come across...much better than a lot of movies we've seen. Needless to say, I'm putting this movie on my list of buyable movies...cause I already want to watch it again.

Life is hard sometimes...Marriage isn't always easy...but with God, anything is possible. If you have the chance check the movie out for yourselves...if you haven't already. I'm a bit behind times since it came out in 2008 I think. LOL

And another thing...Northern Nebraska got their first snow today, so winter is coming. *sigh* Thankfully it didn't get here yet...just a cold wind. I'm not quite ready for snow or freezing rain...but then, I'm not sure if I EVER am. LOL

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  1. I've always wanted to watch that movie, just never got around to it. *lol*


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