Thursday, October 28, 2010

This and That

"Here's how you do it!"

Autumn still won't play lots with Peaches, but when we go outside she sure doesn't mind Peaches following her around and learning how things are done. She even tolerates it when Peaches comes and sideswipes her in a hit and run. Autumn just goes on about her business and doesn't decide to stomp on her...least not so far. LOL

I was outside the other day with my camera and the dogs and caught Autumn "digging" with Peaches right beside her watching. I yelled at Autumn to stop then saw this...

"Now you try it!"

...Peaches Digging with Autumn egging her on. *sigh* It's like Autumn was teaching her, saying this is how it's done, then having Peaches try it out when Autumn got caught. *giggle* Our two mutts are just to funny.

I went out today and the dogs played with the cats some...well Autumn tried to get them to run, so she could chase them and Peaches actually played with them. She figures she has to have something to play with, and since Autumn won't, she has to make do with a cat. LOL Poor baby girl.

High Ground

Patches (the cat in the photo above) doesn't like the dogs and has swiped at Peaches enough that Peaches usually leaves her alone. Course if Patches did that to Autumn she would be pummeled, so it's probably a good thing she hasn't...but Autumn doesn't bother the cats like Peaches does, she just tries to come up fast on them to get them to run, when that doesn't work she walks off to try with a different cat...or pretends she was going somewhere else. LOL I didn't realize till today that this oldest (new) kitten has two different color of eyes...that seems kinda odd to me. LOL

I've been soooo tired today...didn't sleep real good last night, cause my back hurt (a pain that seems to be coming and going lately was back last night darn it) so I've kinda been dragging today. I'll use that as the excuse for loosing my mind and forgetting I had bread dough raising in the oven all afternoon.

By the time I found it, it had risen up and fallen over the edges of the pan, dripping down through the oven grates. I'm sure had I found it earlier, before it all kinda lost air and fallen, I'd have thought it was taking over my oven. *giggle* Needless to say I tossed the dough out that went over the side...and only made two loaves instead of three...thankfully it seems to have turned out ok, even with the extra long rise and fall. I tell you, sometimes I just don't know where my brain goes...but it sure likes to go on vacation! *giggle*

I made some plain soap today that will be used for laundry soap. I want to get some of the tallow used up, that's in the freezer, so when we butcher I can render some more from our own thought I better get at it today. It didn't even work like usual...not sure why, but it came to trace much faster than usual and I had trouble pouring it into the molds as it was starting to set up. It won't be as smooth on top as usual...who knows if it will even turn out to be soap, guess I'll find out in a few weeks. LOL

I didn't get near enough done today as I needed to...but what else is new. Someday maybe I'll get around to cleaning the kitchen like I REALLY need to do, not just enough to get by. Till then I guess I have to live with it how it is.

My hubby was wonderful today...he planted some flowers we got from a friend yesterday for me. We will see if they live and come up next spring. There was some lily of the valley which my Grandma had planted outside one of her doors on her house, and it always smelled so good in the spring...and some day lilies. Sure hope they make it and flourish! I'm extremely grateful to DH for planting them since I tend to kill plants least they have a fighting chance now...and with not getting everything done that I needed to do, having to plant them would have put me even further behind. Thank you Dear!! :)

Ok, gotta run...besides guess I've rambled enough as it is. LOL Have a great weekend!! :)

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  1. Patches eyes are soooo cool! Just like Jane Seymore's eyes. :)

    Sorry to hear about the back pain. I wake up with back pain almost every morning, thanks to our 14 year old, cheap mattress. *lol*

    Have a good weekend!!


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