Friday, November 26, 2010

A note from Peaches...

"And you say I'm goofy?!!"
"And you say I'M the goofy one?!!"

The night before last (that would be Wed night...but Peaches doesn't know the days of the weeks yet LOL) I was playing in the kitchen with my toys while my favorite human was working around. She doesn't usually work so late in there but I think she was getting ready for a special day...she had been making the kitchen smell yummy more than normal that day.

I stopped what I was doing and got up to watch her as she took objects out of a big wide opened mouth...or ummm I think she calls it a dishwasher.

Before I knew it, she started putting objects back in it, and I looked at her wondering if she had lost her mind after her long day of making the kitchen smell good. My humans are always saying I'M the goofy one, yet here this one is, not being able to make up her mind as to if she wants things in or out of the dishwasher.

Just when I was really starting to worry about her, she giggled at me, then grabbed her camera so I knew she must be ok cause she is always happy when she has it in her hands...

...but I'd still like to know why she took things out then put them right back in. Sometimes these humans do the strangest things...and yet they say I'M goofy, as if they weren't goofy enough themselves.

Note from the human:

I had to laugh when I saw Peaches looking at me as I empyied the dishwasher...then loaded it up again. I could almost hear her ask why I couldn't make up my mind as to if I wanted dishes in it or not. She was looking at me like I was crazy...little does she know, but...I really AM. However I won't tell her that yet, she will figure it out on her own! *giggle*

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  1. Yes Peaches, we humans do lots of crazy things! *lol* ... We are just trying to keep you pets on your toes... Ummm... Claws...


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