Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peaches and her Heat Vent

Heat Hound

Even though it meant getting a closeup of some of my dirt (this time a rug that never seems to stay clean in the kitchen) I just had to get this photo of Peaches. LOL She (like most of our doxie's over the years) LOVES to lay on the heat vents...only she is still small enough to crawl under the sink cupboard in the kitchen, and lay on that one.

Since we have not had the money to actually "finish" the kitchen, with new cupboards and everything, the vent under the sink has never been directed outward. It's just an open hole in the floor..which we put some chicken wire over once we got tired of taking the sink base apart to dig something out of the vent. LOL Peaches can still crawl under the cabinet...although it's getting harder for her to...so she comes running in from outside and crawls under there to lay on top of the vent and get warm. It makes me laugh when I see her with her head sticking out from under the cupboard, so I finally had to get a photo of it. LOL

This promises to be a busy week for us here once again. Since DH's back has been getting steadily worse this year, he hasn't been able to do near enough around the farm. What he DOES manage to do takes him even longer to do than it was...so we are SO behind on the outside things. However God saw fit to answer another prayer, and sent a young man to help us for a few days, so while that probably won't get everything done, it will at least help! Praise God for his generosity...as well as Ryans (Ryan is the name of the young friend who is helping, he will be 21 on Sunday...so a big Happy Birthday to him!!).

I better get off here, I'm making some cookies, so there are some munchies around for the youngin' to snack on. LOL I actually hate making cookies, cause once you get them mixed up they are so boring to make...standing around waiting for the oven to bake them isn't my idea of fun. That's probably one reason we don't have them to often...besides the fact that we just plain don't need them with DH being diabetic and me being a lot on the round side. *giggle*

Gotta love a yummy chocolate chip cookie though...or oatmeal raisin, which I almost never bake, cause the recipe I have calls for powdered milk, which I never have. Poor DH has to suffer with my favorite instead...not that he seems to mind to much, he still loves them when he gets them too. LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)

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  1. I love oatmeal cookies, but not with raisins in them. *ick* lol ... I always glaze the top of the oatmeal cookies too. YUM!

    Our cats LOVE the heater vents too. :)



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