Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A good day!

The prize I came home with yesterday!

Yesterday was a shopping day for us...no not christmas shopping (remember we don't celebrate christmas) but our monthly shopping that was late, since we didn't want to do it last week, while DH had some help from a friend. The last several months...in fact probably most of this year I've not enjoyed shopping much at all cause I had to mark to many things off my list. Not sure if it's because I had to long of a list, or because things were more expensive, but either way I had to make do without some things almost every month.

Yesterday however, I was able to get EVERYTHING on my list (except for one thing I decided I didn't want to go back across the store to get since I forgot to get it while I was close to it so it must not be that important LOL) plus some that wasn't on the list. Yippee!!

I didn't embarrass myself at the health food store *snicker*....DH and I had a good time talking and laughing together...I was able to get a few extras...plus everything I started out knowing I needed. That makes for a Good day, when it comes to shopping!!!

It was a longer day, cause we had a few extra stops to make, but I wasn't dead tired at the end of it like I am sometimes. We stopped at Tractor Supply to see what kind of winter boots they had. We both were in the market for something, although DH had some picked out, I hadn't found anything except for online, and had no idea what size I would need since they are mens sizes. I wanted to stop and try some on, to see what size I would need...and we get there and they had the ones I wanted in stock!! Yippee!!

I've been needing a boot that is good in the snow and muck of the barn, but with being a little extra "round" I couldn't get a regular pair of muck boots, as my calf is extra round too. *giggle* These are muck boots, but shorter than usual, so they don't have to be as big at the top and work for me! While they were a little more expensive than I wanted to spend (isn't everything) I snagged them anyway, cause they should last me for several years (hopefully) so in the end they will be worth the price. DH picked his (same kind of boot but different brand and the taller version) up today in town as Tractor Supply didn't have his size.

I also had to go get some ticking material at the fabric store, which is somewhere I don't go real often (not real fond of sewing LOL). I also wanted to look at their yarn. I found some "learning to knit" books there to, and opened some up to see how they were telling you to learn to knit...and discovered there is more than one way to knit! Who knew!! *giggle* Well I didn't anyway.

The old book I had was the "English" way of knitting, and it just wasn't working for me at all. I finally decided to buy the book, since I really DO want to learn, and ended up getting it for 4 bucks, instead of the 10 I was expecting because they let me have a coupon that was in their latest flyer. I was thrilled about that cause I LOVE sales...but most importantly I was happy that if it DID end up being a waste of money, it wouldn't be 10 bucks wasted.

Knowing that I couldn't figure out how to do it the English way, once most things were put away when we got home, I grabbed the book, needles and yarn and sat down to try the "Continental" method of knitting. After a few false starts I got it figured out!! I'm slow as a seven year itch at it, but I'm knitting!! Yippee!! Maybe by this time next year I'll have a dishrag knitted. *snicker* Maybe I'll actually be able to speed up eventually, but I think crochet is still going to be faster, just won't work for some things as well.

Anyway, it was sure good to have a good shopping day for a change. Hopefully the next one is good too...or even better the next year's worth of them. :)

I better get going, have a few things to finish up today so we are ready to butcher our "blind calf" tomorrow (hopefully)!! If I don't get time to post for a day or two that's why, cause I'm to busy getting my freezer filled with beef! :)

A friend is coming to help get the heavy part done (the hanging and skinning) and then DH and I will do the rest, so it's probably going to be a long day tomorrow. I'll just keep reminding myself of how wonderful it will be to have plenty of BEEF for a change, so it won't be so bad.

Hopefully we will have room in the freezer for some of the tallow I want to render from the calf too...gotta have more for soap! :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Glad you had a good shopping day! ... I don't like to go shopping this time of year, because the stores are too crazy with not-so-patient people. No fun!



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