Thursday, December 09, 2010

Puppy Kisses

Sweet Puppy Kisses

Since we are almost finished with the cow (just a little more hamburger to grind & a little more canning to do) I was able to take a little time to go enjoy the warmer temps outside today. It got up to 50 and is suppose to tomorrow too, then they say it will drop off and get cold again. *sigh* I guess we have to expect that with winter here.

I took the dogs out with me, so they could romp around more and we walked up across the hayfield so they had more wide open spaces to run in. Once back in the front yard we enjoyed the sunshine for a little while...and Peaches enjoyed DH.

Aren't puppy kisses some of the sweetest things! She was sure handing them out today.

"I love kisses too!"

Course I had to laugh, when I saw this photo...after she handed out her puppy kisses I caught DH in the process of giving her one...and it looked like Peaches was lifting her head to catch it from him.

She looks like she loves "Daddy" kisses too! *giggle*

She is such a sweetheart...

...have I mentioned she is also spoiled rotten?

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  1. Ya... I'd say she is a little spoiled! ;) ... Enjoy the warms temps for me, while they last! :)


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