Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just when you think you've seen everything...

Half Baked Whole Wheat Moron Bread
Half Baked Whole Wheat Moron Bread

For a change on here...I have no words.

OK, well maybe one...


The sad part about it is, that's not even true, knowing's TOTALLY Believable.


I'll let you get the story about the above photo from my DH's blog, since I'm still at a loss for words. *giggle* His blog post is here.

I have to admit I laughed hysterically (tears rolling down my cheeks and everything) but the worst part of the whole thing is now I have to crank out more whole wheat flour. I LOVE my grain grinder...but someday...somehow...I would sure like to be able to afford the electric motor assembly that goes with it. Unfortunately it's as much or more than the grinder was...and the grinder was expensive enough.

Ah well...least I had a good laugh today...and we have a new story to laugh about in the years to come.

I may be a moron, but...least I can laugh about it, and I do LOVE a good laugh. :-))


  1. Wow... I feel like I'm part of the human race, again! I'm not the only one doing half-baked things! LOL

  2. *lol* ... Poor Deb! That is funny!

    When my nephew was a toddler, Mom used to let him play with the tupperware, and even let him put it in the oven (!?!) ... You can see where this is going... She forgot that it was in the oven, and pre-heated it. Let's just say that she no longer had as much tupperware. ;)


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