Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow's a coming.

Cow Food

DH let the goats out into the pasture with the cows yesterday, cause the last big bale we had wasn't getting eaten as fast...the cows got spoiled with the small bales of hay in the barn, and prefer it. They of course get pampered cause they are giving us milk and/or feeding babies. LOL

The goats however have been eying the big bale, so were happy to get to dive in...literally! DH said he saw one half way into it, munching away. LOL That little one in front there was seen this afternoon up on TOP of the bale...it's kinda funny to look out and see them crawling all over it munching away.

Tomorrow we are suppose to get more snow (actually we are getting a little now...but more is coming tomorrow I hear) so the bale will probably get covered again, kinda doubt they will be out there as much then...but who knows. LOL

Poor Honey had a bad day today, (and therefor so did I, as I was worried she was actually getting sick not just missing her friends and old home) she isn't real happy without her friends...it takes time for them to adjust to a new home and she hollered a lot today looking for them. Hopefully the change in food and home won't stress her out so much she gets sick...we are dosing her with some extra nutrition to hopefully get her over this transition. She isn't as fond of the food we use (although loves the hay), but adding some molasses and all to it tonight seemed to help. Poor baby, hope she gets used to her new home quickly.

With all the drama that was going on outside today, I didn't get as much done as I planned on. When I'm worried about things I don't move as fast...or something. *sigh* One day....maybe....I'll actually get a week that is more "normal" so I can get a lot done...or not. LOL

Anyway, I'm really hoping that winter storm they say we will be getting isn't to bad. Darn snow anyway. Is it spring yet? *snicker*

Ok, better run and finish one of the things I started today...and didn't finish. Hope everyone is having a good week. :)


  1. I'll tell you a story. You'll think I'm nuts. But it worked. We were in Austin for a livestock show. My BIL's girlfriend had a steer that hated men. Kicked 3 guys gettin' him from the showers to the grooming stall. Terry (BIL) had the flu and was struggling to groom the steer. And the steer was trying to kick and buck the grooming rack off (as if he could - lol). Terry would turn the shears on - Hell would break loose. They tried Hace. Nothing doing. I got up in that dad-gum cow's ear and started talking softly - then singing nursery songs. They even managed to get his tail groomed. LOL Maybe you should try some " One on One " with Honey!

  2. Hope your cow is feeling better soon!!!



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