Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Story of the Surefooted Tom

The following photos were taken when I went out to see the cows yesterday, and noticed a flailing cat in the eves of the barn.

No cat was harmed in taking the following photos...

...just shamed by his mother and the laughter of the humans watching him.

Disclaimer: Comments under the photos are not mine, they are what my DH put in the title and description on flicker...they had me rolling with laughter again, so I had to share them too. (Yes you could just go see them on flicker...but here they are all in one post and in order! LOL)

This Is NOT Good...
"This Is NOT Good...WHY am I doing this?"

"Maybe...if I swing myself up here..."

Grab The Corner...
"Grab The Corner...and pull myself up to the roof..."

"OK...I GOTTA rest a minute..."

I'm Starting To Feel Stupid...
"I'm Starting To Feel Stupid...and my MOM is right behind me..."

Look Ma...
"Look brains!"



Mom: "IDIOT..."

Look, You Fool!
"Look, You Fool! The humans are taking pictures of you! Next thing - your stupid mug will be plastered all over the internet!"

I Think ..I...Can..
Son: "I Think ..I...Can...just flip up here and grab...onto...something..."

Mom: "Yeah, well Spiderman, you ain't"

Oh My Word!
"Oh My Word! Just give it up and fall, already! You're embarrassing me!"

Son: "Ok...Ok...Ok I'm in control now, I almost got it..."

Mom: "Yeah, RIGHT. I'm outta here before you do something ELSE stupid."

And DON'T...
"And DON'T...follow me - I'm tired of the embarrassment."

I Dunno Why You're Embarassed, Mom...
"I Dunno Why You're Embarrassed, Mom...I MEANT to do that. I was just practicing my High Bar moves for the next Gymnastics World Championships..."

I hope the preceding photos gave you at least a little chuckle. I do love it when our animals entertain us...just sometimes they are better at it than others, and this was one of those times. *snicker*

Have a great weekend! :-))


  1. *lol* ... Poor kitty! Awesome that you had the camera with you! You got some great shots! ... Are you going to scrap that story?

  2. My gut is absolutely killin' me!!!! Hilarious!

  3. Scroungeman11:58 AM

    "No cat was harmed in taking the following photos..."

    Egos were bruised very severely, though.....

  4. Love the pictures and the conversation between Mom and Son. Animals can be so fun to watch. LOL

  5. I always read your blog and I always LOVE it (though I never comment) - but this post had me in stitches!!! Thank you (and your hubby for his commentary) for making me have to clean my coffee off my computer screen this fine Sunday morning LOL


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