Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Filled Day

Precious Peaches
Peaches sitting on my lap last night with her ball.

It was a beautiful day today. It got up into the 40's, and a whole lot of melting was going on...even though the ground is still mostly covered with that nasty white stuff, there are patches of brown showing through...and it was so nice to be out and not freeze! :)

We had to go to Lincoln today, so naturally did our monthly shopping to avoid more trips than necessary since gas money is always tight anymore. It was one of those days we laughed our way through though, even with that dreaded shopping.

The trip to the health food store wasn't near as eventful as it's been in the past...and it has been more than once, although I don't think I've written about all of them, just this one here...but I really do think that store hates me, cause if something is going to happen anywhere when we go shopping, it usually HAS to be there.

Today it was just picking up a sack and having it rip all the way down the side...which wasn't to bad, except for the fact that the lady behind me was in a hurry and rolled her eyes...Like it's MY fault the store hates me. LOL The checker gave me a bigger heaver sack, so maybe I could make it out of the store before I caused more mayhem...after all I'm sure he knows my rep in that store! *giggle*

The big event actually happened in Walmart this time...and it wasn't ME who caused it. Actually it was just a misunderstanding, not something anyone did that was embarrassing, but never the less I about died from laughing to much.

We were in the checkout lane, watching a lady unload her cart, when DH piped up and said he wants to go home with her...cause she had some little pecan pies, something he loves but something we don't have very often. This is an older lady, so I didn't take offence to it...not that I would anyway, cause I'm secure in his love. ;)

Anyway, he then continues saying..."Course she has diet coke, so there goes that idea" (he doesn't like coke.)

Continuing on he said "But she does have beer...and peaches....and cereal...

I piped in and said, "...Shrimp" (Shrimp being unclean in the bible, so it's a food we don't eat.)

DH looks at me strangely for a little bit, then seems to agree and goes on listing several other things in her cart that he likes. (as added reasons for him to go home with her.)

Then he must have seen the shrimp in her cart...and said "Oh you mean she HAS her cart?"

Ummm yeah, duh, that's what I said!

He grins and says, "I thought you said she WAS a in short! I thought it was out of character for you to say that!"


I looked at him for a second...rolled my eyes...shook my head and burst out laughing...HARD. ROFL

That thought hadn't even crossed my mind, seriously, I'm extra tall, so I never really think about someone being short...unless they only come to my knees, it's just common that most women are shorter than me, not something I think about to much. And it's certainly not something I'd make fun of...he is right, it would have been out of character for me to say THAT. But it was hilarious to me that he thought I said that, when I said something totally different.

Needless to say I laughed till tears ran down my face on that one...and chucked all the way home from time to time. That also put a stop to the going home with her conversation...there was to much laughter going on to even think about that again. I just hope she didn't overhear the wrong part of the conversation, and think we actually WERE making fun of her height. We just can't go anywhere without getting into trouble. *sigh*

Feeding a bale

That wasn't the end of the fun filled day...we made it home and got unloaded and I grabbed my camera and went outside since it was nice out. I had to go see the cows, since it had been a while since I'd been out there. Honey kept looking over at me, even though DH gave them some more hay. I don't know if she was interested in me, or worried about Yani (Our LGD) as she did chase her a little, when she got to close to her.


I only got one photo of Clover, cause she stayed in with the cows...and I couldn't see much of her cause they got in the way. She is still a cute little thing though. :)

My attention got taken away from the cows by a cat...I'll share that story tomorrow and apologize in advance for the vast number of photos. I know some of you probably have trouble with photo filled posts...but these were so funny I have to share them.

All in all it's been a good day, even with the shopping...and the news that one of DH's Aunts died (on his Mom's side). I do love shopping days that keep us laughing...helps get through the money shortage better.

So anyway come back tomorrow, if you want to see some funny cat photos! Sometimes our animals try to entertain us TO MUCH! *giggle*

Have a great weekend! :-))


  1. Sounds like you had a nice outing. :) ... I'm the opposite of you. All the ladies are shorter than you, but they are all taller than me. *lol*

  2. Scroungemen6:12 AM

    Shrimp....(sorry, I HAD to do that...)8^)

  3. I see where the 'mischief' comes in to cloak your baby goats! LOL


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