Thursday, January 27, 2011

Treat Time

Beggin' Doxie's
"Ahhh, come on Mom...hand over the treats!"

You know how hard it is, to get excited dogs to calm down and beg for the camera, when they know it's treat time?

They just want the treat, to heck with that camera in their face. LOL

And getting both of them begging, side by side at the same time...almost impossible!

Beggin' Doxie's
"Don't Shoot!!"

It seems like at least one would be to close to me, when I wanted them to beg...almost falling off the bed in the process.

I take them in on our bed cause it's easier to get Peaches to roll over on a soft surface...and it's higher which means I don't have to bend over all the time to give them their treat....or help them do the trick, if they need a reminder. LOL

Beggin' Doxie's
"I'm working here!"

I would have liked to get a photo of them side by side begging...but it didn't work out to good. One would be up while the other down...or to close to me...or blocking the view of the other one. LOL

Beggin' Doxie's
"I may be getting old, but I've still got it!"

I got a photo of the old lady (Autumn) begging...she isn't as pretty when she does it anymore, but she still does it. :)

Beggin' Doxie's
"Drop it Daddy! Drop it!"

I finally recruited DH to help, and got a photo of both of them up together...but it's not what I really wanted, as they were looking at him, not me. I never realized how much Autumn's nose follows the treat, instead of looking at the person with the treat, hoping we will drop it. Makes it hard to get a good photo of her begging...with her nose always up in the air. LOL

Beggin' Doxie's
"Come on already!"

I got a couple cute ones of Peaches begging...that Autumn managed to not block. LOL

I finally gave up, and just gave them the rest of their treats. Better luck next time I guess. LOL


  1. Awww... those are ones ya'wanna frame! Great photos!

  2. I think you did a good job! I know how hard it is to get an animal to cooperate for the camera. *lol*


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