Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goofy Girl...and making room

Our Goofy Girl

I got this photo of Peaches on the couch the other night. I thought it was cute, so wanted to share, but it wasn't as cute as the one I wish I had gotten...but didn't have my camera at the time. LOL

With Peaches learning to Beg, she is doing it more and more...and was doing it with the ball in her mouth while we watched tv, because she wanted me to play with her. It was SO adorable to see her sitting up begging with the ball hanging out of the side of her mouth, so I stopped the DVD and ran for my camera, but she didn't do it again after I had gotten it...naturally. LOL

Oh well, the one I did get was still cute. :)

Today I've been finding more room in my office cupboards for soap making supplies. I've been running out of room, and just tossing things in where I could, but that bugs me enough that I knew I needed to get it organized a little better. Granted the whole office could use help, but for now I was just going to concentrate on the soap supplies.

I had purchased some stack able cooling racks when I first started making soap, to dry the soap on...and had them in one of my upper cupboards. I decided, since I had the soap center for drying the soap out on the porch, I could take the racks out of my cupboard and use that area for the oils I've gathered for making soap.

I had an extra stacked kitchen lazysusan that I didn't really need to use in the kitchen, so I grabbed it and put it in the cupboard for my essential oils and fragrance oils, then I went through the lower cupboard and pulled out some things to be moved to the upper cupboard and rearranged the molds and what was left in the bottom one, so it was easier to get at the things I used the most.

All my oils are now in the upper cupboard, waiting to be used. I still didn't have room for my Shea butter and bees wax up there, but it's easy to get in the bottom one, so that's ok.

Eventually hopefully I can figure out what to do with more things I have stashed in my cupboards, so as to get more organized in here, but least the soap making supplies are a little better organized.

Now to get to using them again! LOL

Ok, gotta run, need to get some rice in the steamer for supper along with other things...I'm sure Peaches will be telling me it's time to play again soon, since she has been pretty good at leaving me alone for a big chunk of today. LOL

Tomorrow it's suppose to be in the upper 30's...hopefully a whole lot of melting will be going on!!!!! Have a great rest of the day! :)


  1. Kids and pets... Always do the cutest things when the camera is not around! *sigh* ... One time, back when Joe and I were first married, we were outside with our 2 cats, Brooks and Dunn. They were both drinking some water when the neighbor's chicken came into the yard. Brooks and Dunn were still little, and the chicken was much bigger. It walked between the kittens and started drinking too. Brooks and Dunn were half scared, but seemed too scared to run. So they were just staring up at this huge chicken. *lol* When I went to go get the camera, the kittens followed me into the house. *lol*

  2. She is just so adorable, Deb. I crack up every time I look at her little feet! Just thinking about her sitting up with that ball in her mouth is enough to bring a giggle!


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