Saturday, January 15, 2011

We have a cow problem.

Honeysuckle AKA Honey

The problem is, we can't seem to be happy with one or two cows...we want more! I have to wonder how DH managed to convince me that I wanted more, since he had to talk me into the first one...and I mean he had to TALK....A LOT to get me to agree we should get one. The only thing that finally convinced me was the fact that I could make homemade butter....and lots of cheese. I think DH has been trying mind control in my sleep...and it's been working, cause yesterday we brought home our 3rd Jersey...actually Jersey cross.

I know are laughing at me aren't you? *giggle* A friend of mine gets a kick out of us getting more cows...when I didn't want the first ones. Seriously I have no idea what has come over me...I'll blame it on turning 40 last year...I lost my mind and can't seem to find it again. LOL

This time it wasn't for MY birthday...we will say it was for his, since his is coming up in a week. LOL

Honeysuckle AKA Honey

Meet Honeysuckle...AKA Honey for short...she is a 6 year old 3/4 Jersey 1/4 Holstein Cow in milk, and is due to have a calf the middle of June. She is bred to a full Holstein the calf will be more Holstein then Jersey...but could be really pretty, from what we saw of that mixed breed offspring at the place were we got her.

Pretty Face

This is a heifer that I fell in love with at the farm...she is Holstein and Jersey I think. I love her black and white face with the brown ears. So pretty! She wasn't for sale though, and we really wanted one in milk, but boy I sure would have loved to bring her home too. LOL

Up to no good...

In fact, I wouldn't mind having her two friends too...All three of them would look good in our pasture wouldn't they?

*sigh* What am I thinking....HELP!! CALPC strikes again! (CALPC = Cows are like potato chips ... you can't have just one....or in our case you can't have enough of them!) *giggle*

We don't need all three of those neat looking me. I think now we just need to keep any girls we have...ok not ALL but any we think we can't live without lest till we can't afford to keep feeding more, which actually won't be to long at the rate we are going...and stop buying cows for a while. Think we can manage it? LOL

I think we will have to stop, cause we are out of money (only had the money for Honey, case we sold Belle), and have other things we need to save guess our cattle buying days are over for now. Hopefully we will get more girls out of the ones we have, so we can grow our herd that way. LOL

If all goes well, and Daisy is actually with calf, like we are hoping, we could have three calves born here on our farm this year!!! That would be so cool!! Course doubt we would have that happen again for a while, cause I don't think we want to bred Mabel again, with the bag trouble she had this last time and it will be awhile before Clover is old enough.

Anyway, just thought I'd share our new cow. She is still getting used to us, but doing better than expected. She doesn't want to stand long enough for us to milk her out, so hopefully that doesn't cause problems...but she is letting us milk her, and she wasn't hand milked before, so that's a good thing. Hopefully she will continue to impress us with her gentleness and stay healthy and give us a pretty calf to enjoy over the summer. Boy or Girl is up to God...He knows what we need, better than we do. I'm open to either. :)

It's still cold here and the snow is still sticking around as you can see from the photos of Honey, I'm really hoping for warm weather...but guess I'll have to wait awhile, as this next week is suppose to be cold too. It's that time of year I guess. I just can't wait for spring, I'm tired of the white on the ground outside already! LOL

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like the one on " our left " ! If you stare too long - they look like they've been to some beauty salon. Or - is it just me thinking about manicures and pedicures?

  2. Honey is a very nice looking cow. I like that other one too, that you liked. The one with the white on her face. They all look like they are posing for you.


  3. LOL well I hadn't thought of manicures and such...but we had kinda thought they looked like teenagers with their strange hairdo' yeah I have to agree with you the beauty salon does come to mind. LOL

    Mom, that photo did turn out neat, like they were posing. At first when I wanted to get a photo of the one I liked, I didn't think I was going to be able to, cause she didn't have her head on this side of the bars...but her friends put theirs through, then she did and I got the shot I was hoping for...and couldn't resist getting the one of all three and am so glad I did. :)

  4. Sounds like you need to go to cow owners anynonamous (sp?). *lol* ... But all kidding aside, she is a pretty cow! Congrats on the new addition! :)


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